Bimota motorcycles

Italy's Bimota is quite young, it was founded in 1973. Its founders - Bianchi, Morri and Tamburini (Bianchi, Morri, Tamburini - Bimota name of the company formed from the first two letters of the names of its founders). In fact, the appearance of the most guilty Tamburini, or rather his Honda motorcycle accident in September 1972 - that he had the idea to improve the frame of Japanese motorcycle after the accident. He was able to develop a stronger, lighter frame. And the first years of existence, the company is engaged in the production Bimota frames for racing bikes. The first own motorcycle Bimota released in 1977, although the engines on their bikes all the same set of third-party - Japanese or Italian.

Bimota now mainly produces sport motorcycles, motorcycle class "neykid" - "naked" road racing bike. Modern models of motorcycles - DB7, DB6 R, DB6 Delirio, DB5R, DB5S and Tesi 3D, the newest model sports bike - DB7. All Bimota motorcycles are different angular refinement (angularity - a feature of the style) and high costs. The most powerful models are equipped with engines Ducati.

The unique attention to detail, the highest accuracy of the production and the use of only the finest materials, allow motorcycles Bimota (Bimota) satisfy the most demanding customers, giving them the passion and pleasure, which are based on a great design, and the advanced technologies.

Motorcycles Bimota (Bimota) are sold in 14 countries around the world and developed under a new company engineer Roberto Comini, who participated in the revival of the brand, after the suspension of production in 2001. The first is a new model of the company, Bimota DB5 has won the prestigious award of "Motorcycle Design Award 2004".

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