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1948 BMW R-Series, Black

Price: $18 000 ≈ €16481 ≈ £13868

Item location: Riverside, California, US United States
Last update: date

Engine (cc):350
VIN:21177 ( if code has * — not provided for security reasons )
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BMW R-Series.
I am getting a lot of questions and requests to talk on the phone. I have plenty of time for serious buyers. Please be sure you are in a position to buy before calling or texting. Not “trying” to be a jerk, just have a lot of people who want to talk. I get lonely sometimes too ???? Happy to discuss how I acquired the cycle, all the details I know and any other aspects you'd like to discuss. Also, to those who messaged with suggestions of where to move, THANK YOU! I love knowing there are still REAL Americans in America ????
I listed this with a fixed price because it was the absolute lowest I'd accept. I am always looking for prewar cycles but I am moving soon and need to get rid of stuff NOT acquire more.
I bought this cycle the way she sits. All I did was add fluids, upgraded the headlight glass to Bosch/pre war,
Bought a correct style rear plate, added new petcock, battery and an air pump. Came with a Czech coil. I installed the correct Bosch coil. Apparently, after it was restored (no idea when) it was never ran. Gas tank was flawless inside. I added gear and drive shaft oil. Everything works as it should except the horn. Tires are German.
I will include a bill of sale. The cycle can easily be registered for road use. It is easier than you think and only takes a few days. Personally, I have all my pre war cycles, cars, bus and cyclecars with the correct year license plate but not registered. I have been pulled over about 5 times in 25 years. I am sure this is due to my white privilege.
When I bought this cycle I had all kinds of “know it alls” schooling me. 37-40, these were all German. After the war ended Russia picked up the production and used German parts and began using Russian parts as well. I still cannot tell the difference from the first production models to the ones through 1952. They are all gorgeous and this one will not disappoint.
I have been asked about the photos/when taken. The photos in my garage, next to the green vehicle are this week. The video link is the most current, it was loaded a few days ago.
I have a video of it running that I can send.
Happy to answer questions but PLEASE don't send me an education/demonstration of your knowledge. I am friends with one of the top experts on German cycles and he has already went over everything about this cycle with me!
I am in CA. Since it's a filthy, nasty, crime ridden, anti American Liberal state, with a backwards thinking Governor who's only focus is empowering make-believe perverts, and importing illegal aliens, I have chosen to move to an American state next year. I need to sell a lot of my things to make the load lighter.
I have always used U ship. You can use whatever shipping service you'd like, I will assist as long as you set it up Cycle is in Riverside, Ca 92504. Weight is 400 lbs. Once paid for, it can remain inside my garage until you pick up in person or arrange for shipping.


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