Boom motorcycles

The name BOOM TRIKES is reasonably associated with products of the highest quality, labeled with the phrase "Made in Germany". The development and production center is located in the same place as the head office of the company - in the town of Sonteim (near Ulm). Such a consolidated production organization allows for constant monitoring of quality and smooth growth of the process of technical improvement. Our quality management system is based on the principles of the standard EN (DIN) 9001 and is controlled annually by TÜV - an international concern, one of the world's leading providers of independent audit services and technical supervision of projects.


It is extremely important for us that our customers have the opportunity of self-expression through our products. We want to offer technically and qualitatively produced high-class technology, made with great attention to detail and with unique characteristics and options.
The BOOM tricycle is not only designed to ensure the safety of the driver, wherever he wishes to go, but is designed in a special way to evoke certain emotions and form a life philosophy at the time of each contact with our trike. To meet all these high demands, we produce innovative vehicles combining quality and a very unusual extraordinary design. On the trike of our company is extremely pleasant and exciting to ride.


The BOOM trikes are a technologically mature concept. The key elements of all our models are based on aluminum chassis, are equipped with qualitatively new engines with fuel injection, aluminum wheels, which reduce the weight of the unloaded vehicle to 50%. These characteristics make a significant contribution to a high level of safety, dynamics and comfort during travel. The reliability of our vehicles has been seriously tested during numerous tests in different road conditions, including on roads with poor road surfaces in countries such as Morocco and Turkey.


In the manufacture of trikes, all customer requests are taken into account. So, to create maximum comfort even anthropometric data of the future owner are used. Most of the parts are made by hand, while polished stainless steel is widely used. On average, the creation of a single trike takes about 180 hours of manual work.

Boom motorcycles