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Boss Hoss

Company Boss Hoss Cycles, was founded in 1990 Monte Warne, who is the owner and president of Boss Hoss Cycles, Inc.

It all started with the creation of the motorcycle, the frame of which managed to squeeze a great classic American motor Chevy V-8, the volume of 5.7 liters!

Such engines are put on the Chevrolet Tahoe SUV and coupe Chevrolet Camaro. Have you seen these cars, you know their size and the approximate price?

So this "two-wheeler" is certainly not in those dimensions, but costs the same. Correspond to the price and other characteristics of the monster. Curb weight - 600 kg, nearly 50 of which is fuel in two tanks.

Gearbox - automatic, which somewhat reduces the dynamics of dispersal. No wonder the technical characteristics of the car is no data on the time to overcome the milestone of 100 km / h But the feelings of drivers Boss Hoss gives "one hundred" in no more than 4-5 seconds. And this is not because there are variants of this brand of motorcycles, engines are equipped with a turbocharger.

Let's go back to the site to create "monsters", it happened in a small workshop area of less than 500 square meters in the city of Dyersburg.

Monte, as a commercial pilot and a certified technician in the field, was the first who was able to create a unique bike with a traditional style and the look and feel of a cruiser. This was achieved thanks to the unique solutions in the design of the device, for example - single speed (only one transfer). The proper balancing of heavy engines allowed to achieve a low center of gravity and, consequently, easier handling of the motorcycle.

Over the past seventeen years working area Boss Hoss Cycles Inc grown from its humble beginnings in a 500 square meters in Dyersburg to 2000 square meters per store Monte Carlo.

The range of products also grew, except for the "usual" two-wheeled motorcycles began to produce three wheeled vehicles, commonly called trikes.

Products are significantly enhanced over the years thanks to the efforts of engineers and designers Boss Hoss Cycles Inc. There are improvements such as reverse gear, inverted front fork, case vacuum formed body panels and many other new construction details that help to improve the comfort and pleasure of a trip to the Boss Hoss motorcycles.

All Boss Hoss motorcycles are equipped with braking systems, Brembo, for greater reliability. For extra comfort, the riders of different sizes and styles of driving, in front and in the back apparatta attached 10-centimeter steps. To make sure that the Boss Hoss always looks the best - the abundance of chrome parts to become the standard for all motorcycles and trikes.

Since the 1990 Boss Hoss motorcycles impress everyone. More than 40 dealers all over the world and more than 4,000 motorcycles on the road, Boss Hoss has a lot of accessories and different tuning. The special charm of devices attached "the personification of the bike" made to order, one of a kind painting. It is also striking diversity of bodies trikes.
Boss Hoss motorcycleBoss Hoss motorbikeBoss Hoss motorcycle

Classic Boss Hoss motorcycles offered via internet auctions:

BOSS HOSS for sale
£20995 / $25907 / €18540
boss hoss v8 5.7L, harley, criuser for sale
£19500 / $24062 / €17220
boss hoss v8 5.7L, harley, criuser
Boss Hoss BHC-3 ZZ4 for sale
£45900 / $56638 / €40532
Boss Hoss BHC-3 ZZ4
2005 Boss Hoss BHC 9 for sale
£32500 / $40103 / €28699
2005 Boss Hoss BHC 9

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1.Boss Hoss BHC-3 ZZ4
2006 NO
Boss Hoss BHC-3 ZZ445900
2.2005 Boss Hoss BHC 9
2005 US
2005 Boss Hoss BHC 932500
3.2006 Boss Hoss 502 Big Block, 502 HP
2006 US
2006 Boss Hoss 502 Big Block, 502 HP45000
4.2006 Boss Hoss ZZ4
2006 US
2006 Boss Hoss ZZ428000
2000 UK
6.boss hoss v8 5.7L, harley, criuser
1999 UK
boss hoss v8 5.7L, harley, criuser19500
7.Boss Hoss ZZ430 5.8 V8
1999 UK
Boss Hoss ZZ430 5.8 V813950
1999 UK
BOSS HOSS ZZ 43016500
1999 UK
10.Boss Hoss ZZ 430 5800cc 430BHP V8 motorcycle
1999 UK
Boss Hoss ZZ 430 5800cc 430BHP V8 motorcycle15950