Gilera motorcycles

History of Gilera began in 1909. The company's founder was a talented mechanic Giuseppe Gilera. The company has long specialized in the production of medium displacement motorcycles with four-stroke engines.

First he created in 1909, had a 317 cc motorcycle engine and was named Gilera VT 317. In the 30's, the company has already released Gilera four-stroke 500 cc engine, which brought a lot of wins this brand. In 1936, 500 motorcycle Rondine showed speed record - 274.181 km/h, which no one could beat for 20 years.

Gilera brand forever made famous by the classic four-completions racing motorcycles modern layout, with a transverse engine and chain drive to the rear wheel. In 50 years of Gilera team won 6 world championships in class 500 vat motorcycles.

In 1969, the company left motorcycling Grand Prix and became part of the concern Piaggio. Since the early 90s the main activity of the company is the production of motor vehicles small, but as a rule, is the nature of sports.

In the current model range of motorcycles and scooters have engines with a capacity ranging from 50 to 180 cm3.

Currently, the Italian motorcycle company Gilera known primarily as a manufacturer of high-tech, innovative scooters.

Gilera motorcycles