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1937 Harley-Davidson Other for sale

Price: $27 500 ≈ €25570 ≈ £21907

Item location: Santa Barbara, California, US United States
Last update: date

Engine (cc):1450
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This Harley VL frame chassis with a 1937 UL motor is a fresh build with no miles on it. The motor cases have matching belly numbers and a good factory vin number. New bearings, Crank built with Truett & Osborne 4 1/2" stroker flywheels, Jim's shafts and crank pin and Carrillo rods, cast pistons all dynamic balanced by FHP in Oxnard Ca. who have done maybe 20 cranks for us all of them just perfect. The cylinders are Harley ULH 13 fin .040 oversize. They are ported at the factory and we cleaned them up for the Kibblewhite oversize valves with performance springs. Aluminum heads from Europe top them off. Ignition is a Joe Hunt Magneto. Carb is a Linkert M-51
with the intake manifold welded up to fill the gap from the stroker plates and still utilize the nuts and peek seals from Enfield Racing. Cams were reground by Leineweber. Oil pump upgraded with a 4 fin rotor and a piston skirt oil line was added with the case baffles removed. Exhaust pipe is a 2 into 1 copied from our 1940's Don Fera racer
Transmission is a stock kickstart case with new bearings. Has a ratchet lid for fast shifting with the notches removed from the tank shift gate. Harley primary covers a chain drive and a stock clutch with new plates. Oil tank is short TT style from VTwin. Sealed battery.
Chassis is a '36 VL with mounts modified for the UL motor. Fuel tank is from Europe and is a gas both sides narrowed WR style. Fork is also from Europe and is an I beam VL style, Star hubs and stainless spokes front and rear Akront alloy rims with Firestone 5.00X16 and 2.75X21 tires. Bars are one piece upper tree and 1" tube with 7/8" ends for the Harley grips and Harley Sprint throttle and brake lever. Also comes with chrome tree and dogbones for the included ape hangars and drag bars. Rear fender is knucklehead and tail light is replica JD. Seat is replica KR from VTwin
Black and red lacquer paint with 1937 tank transfer and clear coat
Bike built by the owners for vintage racing. Starts easily and runs like the hot rod that it is.
Bike was built for racing and has a Tennessee title but can be transferred to California if you want.
Bike is in Santa Barbara, Ca. and is available for inspection anytime. Payment by cash, bank transfer or cashiers check drawn on a bank with a local branch. Bike not released until funds clear.
We will cooperate with the shipper of your choice and arrangement.
We can arrange a facetime session to look at anything specific.
Questions answered as soon as possible.


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