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1942 Harley-Davidson Other, Green

Price: $11 300 ≈ €10563 ≈ £8920

Item location: Hanston, Kansas, US United States
Last update: date

Engine (cc):750
VIN:KS00240128 ( * not provided for security reasons )
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Here is a 1942 Harley Davidson!
I purchased this from a mechanic shop in Washington state about five years ago, and I've done extensive upgrades on it. The engine had either been rebuilt or was a new, old stock. The serial number on the engine, as you can see from the picture, was non-existant. So I went through the court system to get a valid title. The title is now clear and stamped with a new serial number. Therefore, it is titled as a 2018. (See pictures of the title and the stamps.) Note that the casing numbers on the bottom are correct, stamped 42.
I used quality parts, made in the United States, on my rebuilds.
Here is the list:The clutch is a new, old-stock that I bought in the box, brand new ($800).
Carburetor, brand new M 88 (Over $1,000)
Spark Plug and spark plug wires
Wiring harness
Turn signals added
Handle Bars
Front Headlight
The expensive ($400) Lithium battery is brand new
Firestone Stone tires, front and back, new from Coker Tires
Pads on the foot clutch, changed out
New Running Boards
The Paint looks original to the motorcycle
(I put about $6,000 into the motorcycle in the parts rebuild. It runs really well. It usually starts on the third kick.)
The following minor items still need attention
The Speedometer is not attached.
The transmission leaks oil. The gaskets need to be changed out on it.(Older Harleys tend to leak oil, so after running it for some time, the oil reservoir needs refilling.)
The rod going to the gears, to switch between gears, is on the light side and will bend over time. This can be updated.
These things do not keep it from running great. It's ready to go! I've enjoyed riding it.
I've also enjoyed taking it to a number of air shows and car shows. The McPherson College invited me to display it at their annual car show. Even the president of the college complemented it. (This college is renowned in the United States for rebuilding high-end automobiles.) Jay Leno's collection manager was there, overseeing part of the show, and he wanted his picture beside it, which I have. Another prominent person was there, Tom Cotter, from the popular TV show, "Barn Finds" He requested to have his picture taken with it, also.
At the three-day air show in Great Bend, when people came in through the gate, they would almost always go right to this motorcycle. It always had a crowd around it. Even in the aviation world it was admired. it's a beautiful, classic motorcycle. It's been the favorite that I've ever owned, and it's hard to let it go, but I'm needing to concentrate on other projects now. Send me a cashier's check or a wire transfer. I will be happy to assist in loading it for shipping, and I hope that the next owner will enjoy it as much as I have.


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