Hyosung motorcycles

History of the Korean company Hyosung began in 1952. Nearly 30 years, the company engaged in production of a wide range of products, including the products of plastic and polystyrene, leather products, a variety of semi-finished products, and even computer equipment.

In 1979 was established the name of the motorcycle division of Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc, which was engaged in the release and motorcycles.

To promote their products in the Korean market, the company approached very seriously and immediately decided to find a skilled partner. Negotiations were held with several companies, one of which was the company Moto Guzzi, but eventually became partners with the Japanese - company Suzuki.

In 1980 began the production of Korean motorcycles, which became the basis for the well-known models of motorcycles Suzuki. The production has developed rapidly and by the 90 th year the number of motorcycles produced over 100 thousand a year!

A major shortcoming of cooperation with a large company was that Suzuki has controlled the export of Hyosung motorcycles to avoid competing with their products, so to enter the international market Koreans had to develop their own models of motorcycles, for this had been hired specialists who previously worked in the Japanese motorcycle corporations.

Hyosung motorcycles