Indian motorcycles

The company produced the first American Indian motorcycle in 1901. Founded the company George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom in 1900, the company was then called Hendee Manufacturing Company. Indian developed rapidly and in 1915 became the largest company in the production of motorcycles in the world. Issuance of motorcycles has reached 32 million, which at the time was a huge number.

Indian Motorcycles became a legend not only in America but all over the world and they were known in all countries. Despite the fact that in the 20's of last century leadership for the production of motorcycles intercepted Harley-Davidson, Indian remained popular and respected brand.

But by the early 50's Harley-Davidson almost completely replaced with the Indian market, sales fell, and in 1953 Indian motorcycle production was halted, the company actually ceased operations.

With the Indian motorcycle is connected with one unique case, cyclist fan of Burt Munro in 1967 set a world speed record on a motorcycle Indian Scout - 296 km/h. In this case, the motorcycle was released in 1920.

In 1999, the California Motorcycle tried to revive the brand Indian, was released several models of motorcycles, but the models were poorly thought out, and even used the engines of eternal rival and opponent - Harley-Davidson. The attempt failed, in 2003 the California Motorcycle declared itself bankrupt.

The second attempt revival of the legendary brand has been made by the British company Stellican Ltd. In the revival of Indian Motorcycle invested a lot of money, developed a completely new bike Indian Chief, in which no units purchased.

Indian motorcycles