Kawasaki motorcycles

The story of Kawasaki started with the fact that in 1878, Shozo Kawasaki founded the company, which was engaged in shipbuilding. The company became known as Kawasaki Shipyard.

Kawasaki Shipyard engaged not only in shipbuilding, but also railways, production of rolled steel, developing a variety of engines, and by the early 20th century, has become one of Japan's largest industrial companies. Later, the company became involved in Kawasaki and aircraft construction.

But as with many Japanese companies, the Second World War has changed a lot in the direction of the Kawasaki. After the war, aircraft production was discontinued, the majority of production is in the restoration and reconstruction, revision required for further development of the company. Kawasaki gradually began to produce engines for motorcycles and spare parts for them, but in this market was a serious competition, and the company wanted to produce a recognizable products, finished products with the name. And in 1961, it was a subdivision Kawasaki Motors Sales Co., Ltd. for the production of motorcycles in the domestic market of Japan.

In the future, Kawasaki Motors Sales Co. changed its name to Kawasaki Motorcycle Co., Ltd., and later at Kawasaki Motors Corporation Japan, while in heavy industry alone has successfully worked another division of the company - Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Models of motorcycles produced by Kawasaki, gained fame in the early years due primarily to the winning team in a variety of Kawasaki racing motorcycles, sport bikes it became bestsellers in many countries around the world.

Even now, at the beginning of the 21st century, the company has released a series of motorcycles Kawasaki NINJA, which were the most powerful sports bikes and have brought many victories to athletes who they were.

Kawasaki motorcycles