Norton motorcycles

Initially, the company Norton was founded in 1898 in Britain, James Lansdowne Norton. The first motorcycle was made in 1902, the first production bike - in 1904, customers were offered in 1909 for eight different models to choose from. For many years this brand motorcycles dominated the rally tracks of famous British Isle of Man.

In 1916 there was still a famous logo Norton. In 1924, a motorcycle Norton Alec Bennett won the race TT (Tourist Trophy) on the Isle of Man for the first time speeding faster than 100 km/h.

In the years 1940-1946 more than a hundred thousand cars Norton was produced for the war effort.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the major commercial success enjoyed motorcycles Series Commando (their development began in 1966.) - Reborn in the mid-2000s in the United States.

Last Norton Commando motorcycle left the assembly line in the UK in 1976. Despite the great success of his motorcycle brand Norton could not survive in the British recession and flooding the market with cheaper and lower-quality Japanese models.

After sunset, the British motorcycle industry Norton brand has survived several attempts revivals in different countries, some were more or less successful, others less so, but in any case, none of them led to a real revival of the legendary brand.

In the early 1990's Norton brand and several others were purchased by the American Norton Motorcycles, Inc. The company planned to develop a new bike Commando for the U.S. market. At the preliminary design has been spent about $ 10 million. Norton Commando was introduced in 2004, but then the project has calmed down and is now slowly being reborn in new hands - a brand Commando also purchased Garner.

Trademark rights Norton recently bought by a British businessman, and in 2009 the company plans to create a new modern bike, designed with the latest technology.

Now for this purpose is building a new plant - construction underway at Donington Park, close to the famous track where the race held at the British Grand Prix. In the ambitious plans of the manufacturer - re-do the Norton brand known and respected throughout the world. In addition to the motorcycle, it is planned to produce spare parts and accessories, as well as equipment under its own brand.

The company is now Garner Norton Racing Ltd. vengeance is developing a new racing bike with a rotary engine. A new road bike, has already been presented to the public.

Norton motorcycles