1936 Triumph Tiger 90. Vintage Pre War. V5C. Trans Reg. VGC. Rare. First Ever ??

Sale price: £9100 ≈ $11082 ≈ €10179 ≈ ₿1.28 bitcoin

Item location: Dronfield, UK United Kingdom
Sale type: Fixed price listing

Brand: Triumph
Model: Tiger 90
Year: 1936
Condition: Used
Mileage: 44000
Transmission: Four-speed manual
Starter: Kick start
Drivetype: Chain
Owners: 3
V5: Present
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This is being advertised for a friend of mine who is not on eBay. called Neil who can be called on 07970 279180 for direct questions about this bikes history if required.

OK. the bike its self is a 1936 Triumph Tiger 90 which is a 500cc twin port overhead valve single. The bike comes with a current V5C and retains its original number which is transferrable. The log boook states Historic. so it will be tax and MOT free.

In terms of condition. its pretty good. Its not mint. but its very very nice and certainly good enough to use as is. Further more. I can confirm it runs really well. it started for me first time today from cold. and I was able to take it a brief ride which demonstrated that all the gears work. as does the clutch and brakes etc etc. In fact. I was amazed how well this bike does go for its age. theres nothing sluggish or underpowered about this bike. This is definately a top sports bike from the period. with dollops of power on tap and very responsive.  The chrome work is good all over and everything works as it should. although I haven. been able to test the lights yet as theres no battery connected. There was no undue noises or smoking from the engine. it sat and ticked over perfectly once warm.

Now if your reading this. most of you will know the history of these bikes. For those of you who don. this was basically the first of the bikes that Edward Turner tackled when he arrived at Triumph. He took over from the previous designer Val Page. and re-vamped the existing range and this is more or less one of the first he did. For anyone seriously considering purchasing this bike I suggest you take the time to look at the following links which will give you the full history of these bikes at this period:

http://www. tiger100. co. uk/1934-1936. html

http://users. actrix. co. nz/cornelius/Triumph/Tigers. htm

http://www. britishonly. com/tech/joust/techtiptriumphmf. htm

In addition to these scources this actual bike is photo. and mentioned in the 1993/1994 Millers Motorcycles guide if you care to look it up if you have such a book. For those who have. check out page 104.

So. thats the basics. now the interesting information. Basically Jack Sangster bought Triumph Motorcycles from the reciever in January 1936 and brought Edawrd Turner and Burt Hopewood in to re-vamp the range. This machine was registered in early May of 1936. only 5 days after the announcement to the press of the new range and this was one of the interim or experimental models. Basically because the 1936 catalogue had already been printed and the catalogue itself featured a revised 5/5 model on all the pictures Edward Turner had to produce these interim models which matched the catalogue description and the full alterations came out on the next years model. The company was still selling the last of the Val Page bikes off that year also and as a result there was a sort of cross over period of about 6 months when both ranges were being sold and various ideas were being tried out on the new bikes. But the bikes designated as Tigers always carried the tiger engine prefix. which this bike does. So. is this the first ever Triumph Tiger 90 ?. For it to be registered only 5 days after the new range announcement means that it must have already been built and waiting in the wings. Is this therefore one of the bikes that Edward Turner was experimenting with ?. Either way. this has got to be one of the very very first ever Triumph Tiger 90s produced.

More interestingly. the paperwork I have here shows only 3 owners. The first owner. holding onto the bike from first registration in 1936 to 2006 when the ownership passed to his son I assume as they have the same sirname and locallity. So. the first owner held this bike for 70 years !.

More intriguingly. this bike is full of top spec features which were being tried out at this time and this bike looks very very much like the period ISDT machines. Firstly it was based on the previous ranges top model the 5/5. So it has a good solid duplex frame and heavy weight girders. It has the optional foot change conversion with what appears to be a wide ratio four speed box. because in riding this bike I can tell you theres big jumps between the gears and this pulls like a train from low revs. typical of wide ratio boxs. Theres tank top instruments including the oil tell and an ammeter. Theres also a Map reading light. again a typical ISDT accessory of the period. It has internal throttle twistgrip which routes the cable through the bars. It also has combination brakes fitted. so when you press the rear brake pedel this operates both the front and back brake at the same time evenly. The rear pedal also features a handbrake toggle. not something I have seen before. Notice also that this bike has large 8 inch brakes both front and back with cooling fins. So the spec on this bike is really high and I can tell you that those brakes are really sharpe. In fact I can. believe how good they are and they can bring this bike to an absolute standstill in a blink.  The tank is painted silver which was correct livery for the tigers. Note also. that this bike features twin port high level pipes. a really unusal feature for tigers of this period. but again typical of ISDT type machine. But everywhere you look there are small features that I haven. noticed on standard bikes. like the little toggles on the tool box lids which make opening it so much easier. Everything on this bike is well thought out and well designed. It has a flip up butterfly tank filler cap. again not a typical Triumph feature. It has a good 8 inch Lucas headlamp which would be ideal for night work. again. very ISDT reminiscent.

So. the main selling points of this bike are:

1: Its in great condition and runs superbly.

2: It has its original number. which depending on who you listen too is worth anywhere between £2000 and £5000.

3: Its bristleing with top spec features such as 8 inch hubs with combi brakes. map lamp. oil tell. high level pipes. twin port etc etc etc. it just goes on and on.

4: This bike has had very few owners and was registered very early on after they announced the new range.

5: This is one of the first ever Triumph Tiger 90s. and falls into the interim or experimental period before the full re-vamp.

6: All the chrome work is very good and it does look like the rims and exhausts are new. The tank is clearly original but looks to have been restored at some point. The front wheel is a 21 inch by the way.

7: The engine carries the correct Tiger 90 prefix.

On top of all that. this bike has not to my knowledge ever been offered on the open market before. This is the first time this bike has been out and openly for sale as far as I know. Now this important bike could well be the bike. or one of the the few bikes that Edward Turner himself was experimenting with at the time. I. throwing this out as the first Triumph Tiger 90 ever possibly. because in the research I have done. I have not been able to locate anything like an earlier example. If you do have or know of an earlier example. then I. love to hear from you. Bear in mind. that this bike was sold and registered only 5 days after they announced the new range. then if you do have an earlier bike it can only have been marginally earlier if at all given how the registration process works here and worked at the time. This bike was made and ready by the time they made that announcement. Edward Turner only arrived in January. this was out and registered by May. Further more. this bike carries features I have not seen on any other and was then sold to someone who held it for 70 years. Why ? What did the first owner know ?. Did he work for Triumph ?. What so unique about this bike that would make somone hold on to it for a lifetime ?.

Seriously. if you have a Tiger 90 from 1936. I want to hear from you. I want to know if this is the first one in the world or not. Prove me wrong is the challenge. In pre war Triumph terms. this bike is pretty much Holy Grail stuff. Forget a lot of the other models because ion 1936 this was the flagship bike in the Triumph range and this is the chance to own probably the first ever Triumph Tiger 90. This is rocking horse droppings and the dogs whatsits in one. This has stuff on it that did not appear on the Val Page bikes and also did not make it onto the Tiger 90s the follwoing year. This was top spec and I suspect some of the features were cut from the new range for cost purposes. but this is the real Mcoy with everything on.

On a final note. at the same time. I have hear another 1936 500 twin port Triumph. project bike which I also want to sell. this is the Val Page 5/5. so thats great to compare against. This is running as well.  I also have a pre war Triumph Speedtwin I am thinking of selling. so I am full of early Triumphs at the moment. Anyone seriously into Pre-War Triumphs needs to be calling in and seeing me at the moment. so much so I should rename myself Triumphs-R-Us I think ! ha ha ha.

The auction is being set purposely to run for its maximum length of 10 days because we want people to have as much time as possible to look into and re-search this bike before making a buying decision. The auction is expected to run the full length and is being started without a reserve. so this bike will make what it makes this time. first time and no messing. Make no mistake. this bike is going to sell this one and only time.

Viewing as ever is always welcome. 01246 411977 for an appontment. No test pilots without a wedge of cash big enough to choke a donky. Collection is preferred. but I can arrange delivery within the UK by courier for around £100 or less. International: I can put you in touch with a good international courier if required who can pick up from me and deliver either to your door. or depending on your location to the nearest port. Finally. if you bid. you buy. no tyre kicking excitement afterwards please.

Final Payment to Neil.

On 01-Dec-13 at 20:00:00 GMT. seller added the following information:

End of day 1: I have lots of opinions and comments rolling in. but no one has stepped forward with an earlier Tiger 90 so far. One point of clarification though from today. I can only technicaly prove length of ownership back to 1980 when the first V5 was issued as I don. have the green logbook to hand. so I can. prove length of ownership before April 1980. So thats todays results. Lots of experts. but no firm proof of an older Tiger 90 as yet !.

On 02-Dec-13 at 18:58:15 GMT. seller added the following information:

End of Day 2: Still lots of opinions rolling in. but no earlier machines yet. Information has come to light that places this bike in Eastbourne on the 1st May 1936 now. so I am looking for an earlier Tiger 90 than that if one exists.

On 03-Dec-13 at 19:19:47 GMT. seller added the following information:

End of day 3: Got Tiger 90s popping up in Belguim. but look to have slightly later numbers. and have someone who remembers it being advertised as the first ever Tiger 90 at £30. 00 by Cotswold Classics. but no one has stepped forward with an earlier bike as yet or proof positive one way or the other. The plot thickens. keep watching.

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