Laverda Motodd Jota built by Steve Winterton Frame no 5163 - low mileage +helmet

Price: £16 000 ≈ $19760 ≈ €18211

Item location: London, UK United Kingdom
Seller notes: Excellent condition

Item marked
Model:Motodd Jota
Mileage:8 222
Engine (cc):981
Transmission:Four-speed manual
Starter:Electric start
Upgrades:Brakes, Special Exhaust/Slip on, Suspension, Tuned Engine
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Real men ride real bikes.

Laverda Motodd Jota 120  -  Frame number No 5163 - Built by Steve Winterton  - Free matching Arai Helmet
One of only fifty racing frames built by Phil Todd and Martin Routley

Balanced Crank. Blueprinted Engine and Gas flowed: 36 Mm Dellortos. Stainless Exhaust System.  
Witt Ignition. Fully Floating Discs. Brembos. Alloy rear swinging arm.  Aeroquip hoses throughout inc oil cooler.  Konis.  
Suede seat. Wide Akronts  Front 118/80/ ZR 18 Michelin  and 160/60 / 18 Michelin Rear.  
Custom Flag with chequered paint . Aircraft Alloy  filler. and bikini fairing with twin Kotto Halogens lights. Chequered flag paint  
Free matching Arai helmet size L (used. but you can change lining) see first picture.  

The Origins :  This is a  hand-built motorcycle.  built by the man himself Steve Winterton. twenty five or so years ago for Marc Maslin.   Laverda triples outpoint most other triples but need a special kind of care and knowledge. The accepted master is Steve "Calere Laverda" in Evesham 01386 833422.   who has 33 years of knowledge. He gives first class service going to great lengths to share his 33 years of knowledge working on Laverdas. He is the man who will solve any Laverda problem. even if sometimes. it takes time. usually because the original wiring was such rubbish.  

In 1975 Laverda introduced its latest 1000cc triple. called the 3CL  with  a new crankshaft with a smoother 120-degree firing interval. Slater Brothers. the UK importer based in Collington. was offering a higher performance version of the 3CL that became known as the 3CE (E for England). Massimo Laverda agreed to supply a factory-built 3CE exclusively for the UK market. called the Jota. The gear change moved to the left hand side. and the engine was isolated from the frame in an attempt to further protect the rider from excessive vibration. There were nearly 130 changes to the new 120° bike. all aimed at making it a bit more civilised and easier to live with. Making around 90hp. it could exceed 140mph. making it the fastest production bike of the day. It went on to win the UK Production series in 1976. ‘78. ‘79 and ‘80. For many. 1981 marked the end of the line for ‘real' Jotas. To replace the ‘180' engine. which had the outer cylinders rising and falling together. the new 120°  In almost every objectively measurable respect. it's a better bike than its predecessor. The iconic looks of the original Jota. but with the enhanced civility of the latter model.

Then if you were truly. mad. you ordered bought a Motodd Frame. These were rare and only 45 or fifty were made by Phil Todd and Martin  Routley at their premises in Croydon .   While they were making it. you would be disassembling you Jota and getting all the new bits . Astralite or Akront  wheels. a racing seat. New forks and floating discs. And while you waited. you had the engine disassembled and blueprinted before gas flowing it.   That got you to around 110BHP maybe a little more You put 38mm  Dellortos . polished or painted the custom tank  and then you had a 110/ 115 BHP rocket. the fastest bike on the road.  

This is a  Mk 2 frame using the Laverda rubber mounts and Koni rear suspension . The Motodd Jota is the fastest and smoothest 1980s bike money could buy. Twist the throttle and you know life is about to get very very exiting. Suddenly. the whole world is looking at you you're warming it up.   You have tingles and shivers running down your spine . What a noise!  The motor settles.   When this bike comes on cam. its an aural delicacy.   From 3000rpm it just keeps pulling really getting on song at 5000RPM  An intoxicating noise that makes you want to go faster. and as you stand waiting for it down the road. it s a wailing as though Banshees . The sound becomes intoxicating. with a wail that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Of course. this is normally accompanied by a surge in acceleration that is quite disturbing. Your helmet pushes hard into your face .   It's the kind of increase in speed that might seem normal on today's bikes. But in the 1980 it was really fast and on the Jota you were the fastest .   And it felt even faster . Maybe it was the noise. Maybe it's the vibration. It would take someone very  brave to hold the throttle wide open for long. It's certainly exciting. It doesn't take a long run to develop an admiration for the chaps back in the seventies and eighties who rode these machines at full-tilt on the open road. Perhaps the roads were less busy in those days. but I still reckon those guys must have had huge balls! Even on the open road. though. the Jota is a bike that has to be ridden. Forget any notion of relaxing; this is a machine that demands 100% commitment!

Its centre of gravity is lower than a normal Jota . its stable and runs much more like a normal machine . It turns. the bike feels very stable and planted. Not a modern streetfighter. but its predecessor. built for real men.

I have also included a picture of this bike in its 1990s yellow livery  and I  also have an ordinary”  “black”  Slaters Jota ! (will list shortly)

In central London for collection - please call on 020 7486 7999 or on 07720 400 402


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