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1976 Moto Guzzi T3 850 California 950 kit 36mm carb's S/S exhaust cafe racer MOT

Price: £4 999 ≈ $6488 ≈ €5941

Item location: London, London, UK United Kingdom

Item marked
Brand:Moto Guzzi
Model:T3 California
Mileage:35 725
Engine (cc):950
Transmission:Five-speed manual
Starter:Electric start
Upgrades:Brakes, Special Exhaust/Slip on, Tuned Engine
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This is an original 1976 T3 California. original colour and matching engine and frame numbers!

Standard features for this year which make this model so desirable. beautiful very light and very strong wire wheels with perfect Borrani alloy rims. stainless spokes and lightweight cast hubs.

Stainless steel mudguards with no cracks!

Perfect comfy seat recently recovered.

Heel n tow gear change. you can ride this about in the sunshine in flip flops if you want to!

Crash bars front and rear. this bike CAN'T fall on its side. worst case. it can come to rest at about 40 degrees. No bike damage. no leg damage!

Giant and very strong Cali' side stand (which I've actually upgraded to a later 1100 Cali' side stand as the original one was worn. The stand makes the bike completely stable at rest. unlike all the non-Cali' side stands which will cause your Guzzi to crash to the ground at the slight hint of a breeze let lone a careless parker bumping into it!

Because of the extremely unusual colour (I've never seen another Guzzi of any model in this colour other than Italian police bikes) I suspect it is an ex Italian Police bike. But that's just a guess.

This bike has many sensible upgrades.

First it has a 950 kit so loads more grunt than the original 850 barrels and pistons.

Guzzis have always been under carburated and all benefit from bigger carbs. This has extremely rare Dellorto PHF36 mm pumpers as used on the 850 Le Mans except unlike the rubber mounted carbs on the Le Mans the carbs on this are solidly mounted to ultra rare manifolds (I've never seen manifolds like this on a Guzzi before in this size!) just like the way the original 30mm carb's were solidly mounted. Brilliant. none of that headache of carb' rubbers splitting and leaking or the carb's falling out of the rubbers!

The old points ignition is ditched in favour of ultra reliable electronic ignition. just had to set once on install and then forget! Better spark. more power and much better reliability!

Full stainless exhaust system all the way from cylinder heads to back of bike but with free flowing silencers which let the tuned engine breath and let out a lovely Guzzi rumble at low revs and an awesome Guzzi roar when going for it (and this bike is FAST. easily as fast as the mk1 lemans I used to own)

Genuine KONI shocks

Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines and fittings almost completely. Brakes still linked.

Upgraded switch gear. left is of unknown origin but proper reliable metal switch not crap ‘tuti fruity' original that always fell apart. right hand is from a modern Moto Guzzi and again much more reliable that the original.

Nearly all the fastenings on the whole bike are replaced with stainless.

Original Bosch starter motor just been rebuilt. works faultlessly and bike starts INSTANTLY

Alternator just been reconditioned. new brushes etc. making 13.5 volts at 2000 revs!

Bike is ready to use and enjoy or to tart up if cosmetics bother you. some of the chrome has seen better days and the tank has a few little chips in the paint but being original I much preferred to leave it as it is.

You can use the bike as it is as a shockingly quick classic ultra comfy tourer/cruiser that will shock a lot of modern bikes let alone cars at how quick it is! Roars off the line and will do well over 130mph if you bury your face in the clocks and hang on hard enough to the giant wide original Cali bars. or you could de-Cali-fy it. sell off all the highly desirable and valuable Cali stuff. and turn it in to a gorgeous light weight café racer. it's got all the best bits a café racer could possibly want. great sorted. reliable tuned engine. lovely 18” wire wheels. stainless exhaust and fasteners. Would make a gorgeous. brilliant café racer if cruisers aren't your thing. Though personally. I would be probably keep it just as it is.

Only selling I hardly ever get to use the bike anymore and as I need the money. plus the girlfriend is getting fed of it living behind the sofa! It's too nice to leave outside! ;-(

New 12 Months MOT.

Please note that the pictures of the bike getting washed by my lovely little boy are from last summer and show the bike before the seat was recovered and with indicators. The bike now has no indicators. I can't stand them. Bloody nuisance and not required on bikes this old.


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