Price: £7 500 ≈ $9432 ≈ €8774

Item location: Northampton, UK United Kingdom
Seller notes: All the power, comfort & luggage capacity you could ever want. All wrapped up in a very British package. Get set to tour Europe in style this summer.

Item marked
Model:Trident Sprint
Mileage:46 000
Engine (cc):885
Transmission:Five-speed manual
Starter:Electric start
Upgrades:Brakes, Special Exhaust/Slip on, Suspension


Hi & welcome to the sale of my wife's Triumph Trike.

She has finally agreed to sell it & take her bike test.  It hardly ever gets used & it's taken me nearly two years of arm twisting to arrive at this juncture. So get in quick before she changes her mind!

For those of you that don't know. You don't need a motorcycle licence to ride this 130mph+ beasty. All you need is a full car licence. If your feeling extra brave there's also no legal requirement to wear a crash helmet! I've always found both of those facts bizarre but they are facts none the less.

Ok. before I crack on with the details of the trike itself I'll try to pre-empt the sort of questions I would ask when buying any pre owned vehicle let alone one as unusual as this.

1) Reason for sale?. 53 miles since May 2014 & me finally wearing her down about it cluttering up my garage/workshop! ;0) 

2) Does it need any money spending on it anytime soon?. No. It's just had a full service. The oil is still a lovely golden honey colour. All tyres. pads. discs. chain. wheel bearings etc etc are virtually new.

3) Is it expensive to insure?. No not at all. Her-in-doors is 40 something (I can't reveal her exact age for fear of reprisals) & she only pays approx £120 per year. That is with an agreed valuation of £7000. That basically means that if it's ever stolen or written off? The insurance company would pay up £7000 with no quibbling. They do not hand out such valuations lightly & we have the paperwork to prove it. This involved an independent engineers report & a separate independent valuation 

4) Are you open to cash offers?. Yes of course. I'm not easily offended. So pls feel free to make me an offer. If it's agreeable I'll get the kettle on in time for your arrival. If it isn't enough I'll politely decline. As she is going to need a bike once she has her full licence we "might" consider a deal on a cruiser? It's got to be a cruiser though as she's vertically challenged (short @rse) & can't touch the floor on any other type of bike. She also used to enjoy my Lotus 7 style kit cars. So maybe something of that nature would keep her entertained until she can have a big bike? 

Right. On with the description.

1996 Triumph Trident Sprint 900

On an N reg not a Q plate

Correctly listed on the V5 registration document as a Trike. Also it's been a Trike for approx 6yrs so it's tried & tested. Apologies to any sight impaired custom building chimps reading this. but you know who you are! ;0) 

Leading link front end made by a guy that produces similar items for racing sidecar outfits for the Isle of Man TT guys. This alone cost over £2000. If you've ever ridden a trike with the doner bikes original telescopic forks still fitted? You'll know they handle like a pig on roller skates! This on the other hand handles great (for a trike)

Professionally made chain to diff drive conversion by West Garage Engineering. Google their name for details. They specialise in such conversions. Their products are very pricey (from memory over £1000) but fantastically well engineered. A classic case of "You get what you pay for" 

The rear end has had similar care. attention & cash lavished on it. The rear shocks are fully adjustable for preload. rebound & compression damping. Try a hardtail trike (no rear suspension) & you'll see why all the cash spent on this was worth every penny!

Full set of hard luggage with two keys for every box. The chrome looking framework they sit on is actually polished stainless steel so it gleams & will never rust.  All the boxes can be removed from the trike in seconds when not req'd as they are on standard Givi mounting plates. The top box is a huge 51 litre item & will take two full face helmets. The two side panniers are smaller but not by much. You will easily get two persons worth of gear & beer in them for a weekends camping. Or if your willing to not take the kitchen sink like my beloved insists on doing. You'd get enough clothes etc onboard for a two week touring holiday. The top box has a back rest for the pillion. So not only will they feel safe surrounded by all the boxes. They'll also be travelling in the lap of luxury. I have been that pillion on many an occasion. I'm normally leant back and snoring on the way home? That could be the beer but it is none the less a very comfy place to be even for a 17st salad dodger like myself! ;0) 

In a bid to keep the trike as British as possible. The rear wheels. disc & calipers etc are from an MGF. The added advantage of this is spares can be purchased from any good auto factor.

Braided brake line are fitted front & back & there's a handbrake to keep the MOT man happy. Talking of MOT's it also has hazard warning lights.  That was going to be made mandatory for trikes a few years back. Not sure if it ever happened but it's got them anyway.

The Trike has 46. 00 miles on the clock. However the only thing that has actually covered 46. 00 are the clocks themselves. Every other part is either new or has been stripped & rebuilt. A lot of sellers/builders of custom bikes & trikes will zero the mileage when the vehicle is completed. That is not the case with this vehicle.

We have two sets of keys & a folder full of info relating to the trike. This includes all the paperwork back & forth from the DVLA during the process of converting it into a trike.

Now for the not so good bits.

The LCD clock has packed up. Not a huge problem in my opinion as it's a toy. So who cares what time it is when your out playing? If I get a chance I'll try to ascertain if it's terminal or something easily fixable?

It has 10 months tax but thanks to our greedy governments latest stealth tax. We aren't allowed to pass that on to the new owner!

MOT is only until June. However as mentioned above it passed with no advisory notices only 53 miles ago. So I really can't see the next test being an issue?

It was a bit dusty when I took the photos but I'll spring clean it before you view it.  I was in a rush to get it photographed & on here before she changed her mind? To be honest though the photos make it look brand new anyway. It isn't new or mint or any of the other exaggerated terms used by some sellers. However it is a smart trike that you'll be proud to own.  I guarantee you'll talk to a least 3 new people every time you park up even if it's just in the petrol station? It's only ever been entered into two bike shows one of which it won (trophy to prove) & the other one it lost first place to a trike that had cost the guy £35. 00 to build.


We are fairly centrally located (Northampton) approx15 miles from the bottom of the M6 or approx. 5 miles from jct 15a of the M1 if your coming from the south? I can be available most days to show you the trike. However if you want a go you'll have to come on a dry evening or weekend and put up with being driven around by my other half. I am insured to ride it but after 30+yrs on two wheels I'm a danger to myself & other road users on a trike. No matter how hard I try I can't get used to the fact that nothing happens when I lean!! ;0) Also you will need the full asking price in cash & be prepared to leave it with me whilst you have your pillion ride. That might sound harsh especially as you won't be going out on it alone. However it should keep any day trippers away? 

On that subject. I'd strongly advise you to get an experienced trike pilot to ride this home for you. Then take it somewhere quite to practice before exploiting it's power on the open road. The wife told me not to say that incase I put off potential buyers? However I'd much rather that than you crash your new toy on the way home due to lack of experience! She's only ever had a small 125 motorcycle for a few months before getting the trike bug. Since then she's owned/ridden every conceivable type of trike set up i. e. huge diesel engine Mad Max style trikes to hardtail trikes with powerful sports bike engines. She can ride her current Triumph trike like she's stolen it with no trouble at all. So seemingly if you aren't used to two wheels. trikes come much more naturally? Either that or I'm just an old dog who can't learn new tricks? ;0)  Anyway. That's my advice. Once you've payed for the trike the choice of how you get it home is entirely yours.

I'm bound to have forgotten something. So if you req further info feel free to ring me any day between 11am-11pm on 07958 632588. You can send your question via Motorcycles-for-sale but a call will get you an answer much quicker as I don't always have access to the internet. If you want to make an offer pls don't do it via text. I struggle with the concept of people spending thousands of pounds on an item without even speaking to the seller?

Also no scammers pls. If your Great uncle Umboogie has just passed away & left your all 7 of his diamond mines. I'm very happy for you (apart from the sad loss of Uncle Umboogie of course) but pls spend your new found wealth elsewhere. I'm not interested even if your offering £30. 00 & collection by your own courier. I'd only end up spending £29. 00 of it on loose women & booze before wasting the remaining £1000 anyway! ;0) 


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