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lambretta cometa 1968 original 3 owners from new low milage vega lui luna

Price: £2 150 ≈ $2796 ≈ €2556

Item location: York, UK United Kingdom

Item marked
Engine (cc):1
Transmission:Four-speed manual
Starter:Kick start
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Up for sale here is my original condition Lambretta Cometa. in Orbit orange.

It is a December 1968 model and is probably one of the very first Cometa's to be built and sold.

its got some battle scars here and there. a couple of dents in the legsheilds. a scrape on the headlight rim. but all this adds to its life history.

This is not a Vega. span > although virtually identical. the Cometa model has oil mixed straight from the engine unlike the Vega which is a oil pre mix into the petrol tank. the Cometa has a separate oil tank built in the petrol tank.

I have the log book (V5) for it and it is in my name. and I'm the third owner.

The Cometa originally came from Guisley near Leeds and was supplied by a company called H&W Warner. The original dealer water slide can be made out on the rear light unit and the front forks.

I was going to restore this at some stage and I had the waterslides redrawn ready for the restoration. but I never got round to it. as numerous people advised me not to touch it as its in still very good condition for a machine of around 47 years of age. I will include the new waterslides with the sale.

The frame and engine numbers are 447 apart. I therefore believe that this is the original engine.

It has covered just over 5000 miles. and the speedo does work! It was last on the road (legally ahem) in 1982. and I have owned it from 2005.

It is not currently taxed or tested. but will certainly need some new tyres as these look original too.

I have changed all the cables in the last year. so no worries about old cables fraying and snapping. even changed the small lubematic cable.

Sadly the original air box is missing as they often are. but these are now remade and readily available.

The gear change handlebar is cracked. but it still works as it should.

Another down side is that I have not got the key for the steering lock. but Jem Booth can cut you a new one. he will also have the air boxes I should think too.

It starts and runs. the lights. brakes and horn etc work as they should.

It would probably be best to replace the tyres. as I'm not sure of how old they are. they could even be the original ones it was sold with.

payment on collection please.

I have uploaded a short video of it running on YouTube and it can be seen here.


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