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Kawasaki GPZ1100UT Rebuild Unique

Price: £6 995 ≈ $8700 ≈ €8194

Item location: UK United Kingdom

Item marked
Model:GPZ1100UT ZX10B
Mileage:17 833
Engine (cc):1100
Transmission:Five-speed manual
Starter:Electric start
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Rebuild of a very good basebike with genuine low mileage. Bike is near finished. The seat woill be replaced with one in original stitching like you can see on the last picture on my former built black 11UT and some minor details will be done. New and better pictures soon.
You can see much more pictures from this UT on my website.
Basebike with just 28.700 KM's - so approx. 17.800 miles.
Engine runs smooth without any unwanted sidenoises. Never been opened. Excellent frame as well. just minor marks had to be reworked.
Exhaust and downpipes close to new. no dents and even underneath no rust like usual. original black chrome excellent. Wheels professionally polished and repainted with 2K paint. new wheel bearings. brakes overhauled. new pads. new steel brake lines. Hardly strained parts like main- and sidestand sandblasted and powdercoated. DFI airbox cover. Passenger side bars high gloss painted. Near all bolts. axles and springs rezinked. Downpipe crowns chromed. footpegs - and holders professionally polished.
Brand new Bridgestone BT45 tires.
2 original keys working on all locks. Original manual and board tools included.
Found original and brand new Kawasaki crash bars 2 days ago and mounted them as well - been not cheap but NOS and original. For just the NOS DFI cap I paid 60 Euros because it's one of the parts not available from Kawasaki anymore but giving a very nice detail to the entire bike. So costs sums up insanely but the result pay well back. Seat just temporary mounted. Bike will get a seatcover in original stitching like you can see on my former black 11 mounted on last picture.
Engine got a big maintenance before rework and runs like a bell. Fuel tank sealed inside. All paint parts 2 layers of clearcoat for maximum shine. Higher handlebar holders from the Kawasaki GPZ1100 B1 model for comfy seat position - original lower holders are included as well. All handlebar holders and handlebar itself powdercoated like front fairing holder. You can look from downside up - you will not detect any dirt. mud. rust or crapon this bike. even chainguard is cleaned INside.
The GPZ1100 UT becomes a very rare bike - much rarer than a Turbo. Z1 etc. Just 2 years build and suppressed by the all new 1984 GPZ900R. So the 1100 been "dead" already when she comes out. Most of the few surviving 11's been stripped for their engine wich fits in a couple of older models like the Z1. So the 11 inventory today is close to nothing. It get already hard to get rotten 11 UT's but to get a bike in very good state and true low miles is near impossible. That's the last 11 UT I had in stock from my 4 11's in the past and this will be the best. I spend a lot of money and time in this bike and I have a personal relation to this queen of the UT's because I owned one brand new as a 20 year old. I sold her after 3 months because her power feared me to hell (especially with the former 80s tires) and stopped riding for 20 years after sale.
My camera is bitching. this pictures don't judge the bike rightly. It looks far better than on this (crappy) pics. Will get the cam prob sorted and provide better pics asap.
Even if the GPZ11UT never had a chance against the new GPZ900R it is still a incredible bike and very different to the 900R 16V. The big 1100cc 8V engine provides very healty 120HP. have torque like hell from the lowest revs and change to a race engine upon 6.000 rpm with a incredible acceleration until redline. No powerholes. no weakness. just pure power pulling your arms long with force. Regardless if it goes straight hill up or you ride with a passenger - the 11 delivers and is still today a very powerful bike with 2 faces. Enjoy the torque and ride her slow in highest gear in town or let the hell brake lose reving her hardly.
This bike is absolutely nothing for beginners. Due her weight and power she needs attention and a considerated driver knowing what he does. The handling and brakes are quite good and easy - not so forgiving like a GPZ900R but far better than any of her competitors like Bol d'Ors. 11 Katanas. I rode them all and they are absolutely not comparable to the performance the 1100UT delivers.
The UT is simply declassing them in any discipline! Maybe all this sounds hyperbolic in times of 200+ HP bikes today - but I swear you not for the people who ever ridden a 11UT and feeled her forcein person. Just data on paper don't judge her incredible performance. This bike makes you sweat and a smiling face.
I don't been the master of the 11 when I had her as 20 year old and I'm not now. This bike is very challenging. provides a awesome sound equal to the 70's Kawa generation and get never boring to ride. Beside of that it's a very big size bike in a incredible design combining aggressivity and elegance in one.
I'm always looking for good basebike 11UT's but like said it's rockethard to find one so I guess this will be the last 11 from me at least this year.
Bike been nearly completely stripped. hardcore cleaned. and near every part been overhauled to get the entire bike in close to new state. Unique paintdesign and graphics sticked to the original Kawasaki graphic scheme. A lot of expensive NOS parts been used and a lot of passion to bring this latest Kawasaki Monsterbike to the state she deserves. Due the fact that Japanese collectors already started to buy big UT's back the bike will be even rarer in future and is not just a awesome bike - it is a clever investment as well. Please don't compare this bike with a usual used one - her appearance is really very close to new and everything what been suboptimal been exchanged regardless of costs. Top bikes deserves top dollars and if you kempt her well you have a stunning classic for years you can RIDE and USE without losing value. Bike been builded to get driven. Everything works like it should. Just get petrol and make miles with her.
We ship to France. Spain. Portugal. Ireland. Monaco. England and Scotland for 195GBP.
I'm specialised in 80's classic Kawasakis and restore mostly 900R. GPZ UT models including the Turbo and ZL900 Eliminator models. I'm located in Germany and have always a couple GOOD like new looking classic Kawas to sell between 250 - 1100cc. Get more infos and bike pictures at my site at:
The price is for the bike like it is with EU/German papers and documents.
Thanks for looking and don't hesitate to ask me with any questions you may have.
P. S. Please excuse my typos. English is not my native language. Thanks.


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