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1950 Indian MK2

Price: $4 800 ≈ €4404 ≈ £3777

Item location: Superior, Wisconsin, US United States

Mileage:11 111
VIN:16935 ( * not provided for security reasons )
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The Title is missing for this bike.
If you know what this is you know how rare they are to be found in this condition, or even to be found at all! If you are an Indian Collector this is a “Must Have Bike” for your collection to make it complete. I do not have it listed locally. I am listing this bike for the son of the original owner. The son knows very little of the history of the bike as it has sat for longer than he has been alive. He entrusted me with the repairs of this fine machine. The title was lost a very long time ago, so the buyer will get a Bill Of Sale in my name. I left the last plate on the bike just for originality.
I have made repairs to the bike and it runs and operates as it should. New tubes were installed in the original wheels. But due to the age of the bike and the scarcity of parts it is sold as is no returns. Please see all of the pictures they are the description. If there isn't a picture of something you want to see I will provide it. But I will not disassemble it for pictures. I have been very cautious as to what was done to this bike. I did not want to ruin the original condition of the bike. I did just what was needed to make sure the bike ran and operated as it should.
• The bike is basically an unmolested original bike. A detailed cleaning was done to the bike. Not perfect but a lot better than when I got it.
• The engine runs.
• The Foot Operated Drive Engagement works.
• The Bar operated Clutch works.•All brakes work as they should.
• The Float on the carb works. The fuel system has no leaks at this time. Condition of the Carburetor is very good and all original.
• The Petcock was overhauled by me and works as it should and does not leak. The original fuel strainer is in good shape and still in place.
• The Gas Cap was in bad shape. Like the Carb and Petcock, it was overhauled by me and all original parts were cleaned and reassembled.
• The original owner put the plastic covers on the cables to protect them. They are very delicate underneath so I have left their removal.
• The Headlight works off of the engine generator. I have no idea what type of battery fits in the Headlight to power them from the battery source. The Headlight Switch does work or seems to work as it should. OFF works. “D” for dynamo works to power the lights off the engine. “B” for Battery is untested. See picture of the inside of the Headlight for the condition of all electrical components. I do not have a bulb for the “Parking Light” in the Headlight but the power is there to drive this bulb if you find one.
• The Tail Light does work with a modern bulb installed. It is just an always on light NOT switch operated. Parts were missing here and I tried to come up with a repair that looked correct.
• Amazingly the Horn, that I feel is original, works and the rubber has survived the time very well.
• Oil was changed. Oil used was non-detergent 10-40. Do not use a detergent oil in these old machines.CONS
• The wiring and cables are in very delicate condition. Any excess movement will cause damage. Thus I only road the bike long enough to verify everything worked as it should.
• The bike must have been crashed at one time. Causing the damage to the Headlight. I feel a good metal smith could make repairs to the Headlight Rim. The housing is in great shape. But a new bulb will need to be found to make it right.
• The Gas Tank was damaged at one time. The bottom of the Gas Tank was cut open to make repairs? To un-dent the tank? At that time the tank was repainted is my guess. If you look close you can still see the Indian lettering under the blue paint. All of this was done by the original owner a very long time ago.
• The inside of the tank still needs to be cleaned better. I am sure the buyer will restore this tank right and it can be cleaned properly at that time. There are no leaks in the tank at this time.
• I was going to remove the Rear Fender to add more heat shrink tubing to the damaged areas of the wiring. One of the bolts broke at this time. I stopped any attempts to remove this further.
• There is a new seat installed just for the few test rides. The original seat is in good shape. There is some rot on the backside of it as seen in the pictures. As for the leather cover… it is very dry and delicate. I did not want to sit on it so I installed the new seat to protect the originality of the original seat
• The tires are original. They are very hard. I had a heck of a time getting the new tubes in the tires. New tires can be bought in England.
• One of the Levers, to lower the Bars, is not correct. See picture of that area. I did not try to lower the Bars due to the condition of the cables. If I have missed anything it is because I did not see it. Or I may have forgot about it during the writing of this ad. But I have tried to tell you all that I know of this rare machine.
Shipping of the Papoose is the responsibility of the buyer. I have assisted in helping to meet the Shipper of other motorcycle purchases and it has gone very well.
The bike will be picked-up within 45 days. If it is in my possession over 45 days you will be charged a monthly storage fee of $50.00 per month starting the 46th day in my possession. I hate to do this but I had to hold a bike for over 6 months. When it was picked up the wife had to do it as I was out of town. This was totally unacceptable. So please pick the bike up in a timely manner.


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