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1938 Harley-Davidson Street

Price: $47 350 ≈ €43509 ≈ £37286

Item location: Winter Springs, Florida, US United States

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This is my 1938ULH Big Twin Flathead 80 which is mostly original with a few reproduction parts. I have owned the bike for a long time and am selling some of my bikes which I have owned since the late 60's.This 38 is called a special sport solo which was a high compression Flathead 80 (1300cc). They made 579 of these models and many were changed to Knuckleheads since the they used the same chasis and only required a set of tanks,exhaust and the motor to change them. I'm sure it was because knuckles demand higher prices. I own a 38 Knuckle as well and as far as riding goes they are both great and have a different feel and sound. As for speed both bikes are fast enough for me. For your information they made 1829 knuckles in 1938 and the price was 435.00-the 38 Flathead was 415.00 As far as rare goes the Flathead is the rarer bike. As for my 38 Flathead which is registered to me and ridden I just finished refurbishing the bike last year. The motor was rebuilt from the fywheels to the valves. New Jims shafts in the flywheels (pinion,sprocket and crankpin). The rods were rebuilt on both ends, new pistons (30 over) new .05 over Jims lifters and new valves and valve springs. The transmission has a new Andrews mainshaft counter shaft, and shifting forks along with new bushings, gaskets etc. The rockers on the springer fork are rebuilt as are the wheel hubs. The original 18 inch wheels have been powered coated black with Buchanan stainless steel spokes. The correct Linkert M51L carb. has been rebuilt and nickel plated as original. The 32E generator was refurbised and the original speedometer was restored. The cloth covered wires have been redone with the correct colors. The numbers on the case, Serial number is clear and has not been altered and the matching belly numbers are perfect. there are no welds on the cases and and the case races are like new. I live about 45 minutes south of Daytona Beach Florida. The bike has a new battery and new tires. Please don't ask for my price since this is an auction and like everyone else I'd like to get the best price. If you don't like my bike don't bid! I've been into these old bikes for 52 years-I've seen and ridden alot of them so I can't say mine is the nicest or most correct but its right up there.If your someone who has fallen for the patina thing (another word for rust)-mine has none but you could buy it and park it outside here in Florida and in a few months you'll have all the Patina (rust ) you like! I won't ship the bike until its inspected by the buyer. Whatever the bike ends up selling for I want the winner to know I won't except anything but cash.


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