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1953 Indian Chief, Green

Price: $33 600 ≈ €31306 ≈ £26444

Item location: New Egypt, New Jersey, US United States

Mileage:3 379
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1953 Indian Chief
I bought this bike from Rocky Halter 6 or 7 years ago as a basket case. He had the whole bike and all the parts so it really didn't need anything except to be done as I believe him and Tony were going to restore it but never got to it. Everything has been gone over and restored. Engine and transmission have a full rebuild with all new internals. .010 cylinders. Proper 80" heads. Compensator primary setup.Correct M352 Carb etc. It is mostly original with a very nice set of original Flanders Handlebars which give it a nice riding position. I always pay attention to detail on these things and I did the bike the same way I would on a bike I was doing for myself.
This bike fires right up and runs perfectly. Shifts and stops as it should. Everything functions as it should. Absolutely nothing on this bike has not been gone over and replaced if needed mechanically with as many original or NOS parts as possible. No junk anywhere on this bike. The speedometer is working fine but I never hook them up on my bikes as I don't go very fast and log my own miles. I will send a new cable with it should you choose to hook it up with an original Corbin drive to replace the spacer I have in its place. I have more bikes than I need so I am letting this one go as I still have plenty to ride.
Bike has around 500 flawless break in miles and needs nothing but a rider.
I have a photo of the horn, lower chain guard cover and the engine cover which all come with the bike as well and I can install if you desire.
Below are 2 YouTube links. One is a cold start and ride and the other a walk around. If they are not click-able or you are unable to copy and paste the links just search 1953 Indian Chief on YouTube and my videos of this bike should be in the results.
Cold Start -
Walk Around -
The bike is located in New Egypt, NJ for shipping. I will accept cash, money orders, checks and wire transfers for this bike.


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