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1939 Indian Sport Scout

Price: $26 600 ≈ €24610 ≈ £21123

Item location: San Francisco, California, US United States

Model:Sport Scout
Type:Flat Track Race Bike
Mileage:100 000 000
Engine (cc):750
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1939 Indian Sport Scout Flat Track Race Bike Gettin' old and some toys need to go. Selling my '39(ish) Sport scout race bike. When I say it's mine I mean I've been caretaker of it for the last 10 years. Prior to that is was in the care of a friend since the 80's. But its history starts long before that. In the Bay area when flat track racing was one of the most popular motorsports in the country a fella by the name of Eddie Bratton was deep in it. He raced for awhile and then started building bikes for sponsored riders. He built bikes that were raced by Jim Belland (before he became a world class tuner) Wally Talbot, Cal Simpson, Bob Phipps, Ray Haney, Bill Dorresteyn, Meeks Hubbard, Sinclair "Peanuts" Mcdougall and others. This is one of Eddies bikes. Tracking down the history has been a bit challenging as Eddie passed in the 80's in Calistoga CA. From all the research I've done over the years the bike here was at least for awhile raced by Sinclair "Peanuts" Mcdougall. Peanuts won the local district number one plate on Eddies bike. Probably the things that point most to this being his bike is the hand punched No.1 on the engine case and the #1 welded on to the foot pegs. Eddies bikes were modified continually over the years so some features were sure to change. Sadly Peanuts died while racing at Willow in 1949. I've been told by Wally Talbot that the bike was referred to by Eddie as "Esmeralda". Wally Talbot also mentioned that Eddie purchased a bike from Bobby Hill at one point and that the shift knob on this bike likely came from that bike as it's been modified in a way that allowed Bobby to flick the bike into 3rd using his knee allowing him to keep both hands on the bars. Don't know for sure but it's a good story. Specs on the bike:741 scout framenarrowed and chromed scout front end.030 Bonniville PistonsShunk or Brattton high-lift camsLinkert M53 Bullseye carbLate Heads and CylindersEdison Splitdorf Magneto (needs rebuild)2 Row Primary Mustang gas tanks (comes with original set of Jr. Scout tanks as raced) Bates racing seat and custom bum-padThe bike was running a couple years ago but would lose spark on the rear cylinder I pulled the mag and had the condenser rebuilt but that didn't resolve the problem would still loose spark after 15 or 20 minuets. The Mag needs to go out for a rebuild at this point. Other than that the bike is complete and super solid. The motor was built by Francis "Cliff" Clifford also from the Bay Area a racer and mechanic for both Dudley Perkins and Hap Jones. The motor has very few hours on it. Trans works as should. Bike comes with the additional set of original Jr. Scout tanks that have been prepped and primed and ready for paint . The brackets for the 40-41 tanks emblems need to be welded on. A set of original emblems are included as well. My intention was to restore the bike to as close to as raced by Peanuts as I could. Just haven't had the time. I've included some articles on Eddie, Cliff and Peanuts. Please enjoy the read. These guys were cut from a different cloth. Bike includes an original tile from 1948 this is obviously not the year of the bike but likely when Eddie first titled the bike. The Vin number on the title matches the number on the engine case as shown in the photos. There are also 5 additional registration cards that come along with the title through 1953. Link to bike running, please copy and paste.


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