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Sunbeam S8 Classic British Bike. S7 500cc shaft drive

Price: £3 900 ≈ $4945 ≈ €4566

Item location: Winsford, UK United Kingdom
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Sunbeam s8 motorcycle. Wanted one of these since I was about 13 years old. Saw one in classic bike mag and thought 'what a handsome machine' and still think that. And what a lovely thing to ride as well. Surprisingly good handling with that low centre of gravity and stiff frame. Rear plunger suspension works better than you would think and the sprung seat irons out the rest. On the subject of the seat, I found it was horrendous, too low, far to far forward. Examination of other machines showed it was correct though. So that leads to to the first modification. How it was my knees were at the tank badges, I'm not tall either! I have moved the seat back 2" and raised 2" as well. My knees now are on the knee grips and my backside isn't hanging of the seat banging on the mudguard. As you can see on the photos it doesn't look out of place nor is it too high. Other modifications are electronic ignition and a solid state regulator. The carburetor has been modernised with a Stewart engineering amal 600 series concentric kit to get rid of 'old leaky' monoblock. I believe this one of the bikes offered as a huge job lot, which was being offered up by the relative of a dyed in the wool lifetime sunbeam specialist. I didn't win. Probably just as well as there were over 10 bikes in bits as well as 4 complete machines. I'm waffling again. Right, the bike is nice, very nice, not concourse but presentable and usable as is. Paintwork varies across the machine, tank, froks front mudguard tool / battery box are very nice job but the frame is not to the same standard, the rear mudguard is solid and dent free but lets the bike down in my opinion. Wouldn't be so bad if it had a pillion seat on as it would cover most of the paint defects. There are rear foot pegs so it'd be easy job... Chrome work is mostly excellent with the exception of the front brake plate cover which is a tad scruffy. Readily available as the s8 have the same forks and wheel as Bsa and Ariels. Smiths chronometric speedo has been reconditioned. Engine starts readily and runs excellent with no smoke or breathing. Gearbox and final drive also are excellent, clutch works well and is light to the hand with no dragging so it's easy to find neutral. There are no oil leaks from the engine or gearbox, occasionally a small drip from the final drive, astonishing to my triumph trained eye. Tyres, battery handlebars and furniture all look new. The whole bike looks like it's been rebuilt to a good standard by someone in the know. I have a current v5c in my name plus the green cardboard registration book as well as some paper work form dvla and Stewart engineering. It is on its original number but sadly non transferable. But in a way, it makes sure that number sticks to the bike. So what am I bid for this handsome motorcycle? Bear in mind the investment value of such a machine, better than money in the bank by a long shot. I know I'll regret selling this now, economy in a slump, didn't get to ride it much, should have waited a couple of months, and on and on. Time waits for no man and it's time for me to sell and you to buy. The bike is available to view / sell at Winsford Cheshire cw7. Always looking for vintage projects though (wink) Triumph, Norton, cars, flat tank, military truck, tractor. Bike is advertised locally and can be withdrawn at any point so show interest early. Willing to work with courier. Cash on collection or bank transfer before release of the bike.


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