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Price: £4 995 ≈ $6482 ≈ €5936

Item location: Shipley, UK United Kingdom

Item marked
Brand:Moto Guzzi
Features:V5 Registration Document
Mileage:25 767
Engine (cc):844
Transmission:Five-speed manual
Starter:Electric start


The iconic seventies cruiser. Not many of these about in this condition. Genuine UK bike first registered 3rd August 1976. Only four previous owners. You won't believe how clean this bike is. Previous owner said it had been stood for a while with an electrical problem. Indicated miles under 26k. and whilst I've no documentation to prove this. I am sure it is right.
1. The carbs are correct. and original VHB30's with all correct jets fitted with no sign of them having been removed until I took them out for checking. The square slides have virtually no wear.
2. The wiring is 95% original. and intact. Rear harness has been replaced as the original was beyond repair (see above comment from previous owner). There was a short where the harness had rubbed through underneath the back light.
3. The top end of the engine looks like new internally. No wear whatsoever on the rocker shafts. and no ridges or marks on the bore. Valves lapped in. and top end rebuilt with new gaskets.
4. Original air filter with new element. and rubbers fitted. Does keep the intake noise down compared to K & N's. It's a pain to change. but you don't need to worry about it for another thousand miles.
5. Gearbox. and clutch are excellent. There is a bit of play in the linkage. but that's about par for the miles. The heel. and toe gear change does take a bit of getting used to. (neutral indicator tells lies too!).
6. Rear drive has minimal backlash indicating little or no wear in the drive train.
7. The engine runs perfectly. ticks over like a grandfather clock. once warm. and pulls like a steam train. revving freely with no flat spots. It's still on point. and the timing is spot on.
8. Brake hydraulics have been completely overhauled: stainless braided hoses. new pistons and seals in master cylinders. and all three calliper overhauled as required. Stops well.
9. Front forks have been fitted with new seals. and oil. The fork action is very smooth with good damping. The chrome stanchions are original. and virtually unmarked.
10. Original Tomasselli throttle.
11. Original switchgear in full working order (except the kill switch. which I have by passed) I have moved the wiring from inside to outside bars. where there's less chance of it rubbing through. and causing a short.
12. No broken fins.
New cables all round.
New fluids all round.
New wheel bearings.
Rear drive oil seal replaced.
All new exhaust system. The downpipes. and crossover are stainless.
New fuel taps to replace the old leaky ones.
Newly painted frame. swing arm. stands. and tank etc.
Rear damper - new.
Tyres - new sticky Avons.
Loads of nuts and bolts replaced with quality stainless items.
Charging system very healthy.
Genuine Guzzi tinted screen.
New Hawker-Oddesey battery fitted. Brilliant battery. not cheap. but doesn't lose its charge. I've left bikes for a year with one of these on. and they always have bags of power to start reluctant engines.
MOT November 2013.
All in all runs. and rides like a new bike.
Just a couple of minor points to note. so nobody nit-picks on collection:
There are a good number of original components that are not bright shiny new. they have been kept on the bike for originality. Remember this bike is over 35 years old. and has been used. Study the photographs carefully please.
e. g. : Both mudguards are original stainless items. with original chrome stays as standard. but one front stay has poor finish (I couldn't find a replacement).
Original Borrani alloy wheels have been previously painted (presentable. but not the best job) but under the paint the spokes are stainless.
Minor nick on rear rim. Hardly noticeable. and could easily be taken out with careful use of a file.
Side panel paint not perfect. Taken down to bare metal. all rust removed by blasting. but shows some pitting under the paint where rust spots have been blasted away.
The cast discs are a bit rusty from standing. but will soon clean up once in regular use.
This is a rare opportunity indeed. Don't miss this lovely. historic motorcycle. Well priced at £5995. 00.


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