Suzuki motorcycles

1909 - In a small village on the coast of Japan, Hamamatsu Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki. During the first 30 years of existence, the company has been manufacturing looms - were released models that are ahead of its characteristics prevailing at the time of the British and Dutch products.

1937 - Michio Suzuki decides to start production of small cars.

1939 - Issued several compact prototype cars. But the outbreak of the Second World War forces a company to re-produce the Suzuki looms.

1951 - Michio Suzuki, assessing the need for the average Japanese in an inexpensive vehicle, decided to create an entirely new type of it. The result was invented motorized bicycle called the Power Free. His system was is so is rational, that the Government of has provided Suzuki a financial subsidy on the the continuation of developments.

1953 - Issued Suzuki Diamond Free - two-stroke motorcycle with an engine capacity of 60 cm3, who won the race in its class Mount Fuji Hill Climb. Thus began the story of countless victories Suzuki motorsport and motorsport.

1954 - Suzuki reaches output of 6,000 motorcycles per month and gets a new name - Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.

1955 - Suzuki began producing cars and is the first model - a compact runabout Suzulight.

1963 - Suzuki goes to the U.S. market in Los Angeles opened its representative US Suzuki Motor Corp.

In 1982 - Suzuki for the first time presents to the public 4-wheel-the ATV around Quad Runner LT125, who became the founder of the of class Quadrunner. The company receives cups manufacturer in Motocross Grand Prix 500 (6 times) and World Road Race Grand Prix 500 (7 times in a row).

1990 - Suzuki gets a new name - Suzuki Motor Corporation.

1999 - Suzuki started production of the world's most powerful production motorcycle - GSX1300R Hayabusa.

2001 - were issued new models of motorcycles - a unique motorcycle GSX-R1000, with the largest capacity in its class, weighing 375 pounds (169.9 kg), large 1.2-liter GS1200SS, 400-cc Intruder Classic American style GSX1400 other.

2009 - The 100th anniversary of the company in Tokyo Museum opens Suzuki.

Suzuki motorcycles