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The Taiwanese company Sanyang Industry Co., Known for its Sym scooters and quad bikes and cars Hyundai, after many years of development and investment, today occupies a leading position in the domestic market and successfully conquering the world market. Plants of SYM equipped with modern high-precision automatic equipment used for the production of high-quality motorcycles, scooters and low-cost cars. The company has been repeatedly awarded the honorary awards for achievements in the field of quality control. Plants Sanyang Industry Co. are located in Taiwan and manufactured products exported to many countries around the world. The plans Sanyang Industry Co - enter the top ten producers of motor vehicles.

History of the Taiwanese company began in 1954. Then in Neihu factory was established Sangyang Electrical Machinery plant with the number of staff 10 people, producing generators for bicycles. After five years of operation the plant was reorganized in Sanyang Electrical Machinery co., Ltd, and after three years of collaboration with the Japanese company Honda at the plant began production of 50 - and 80-cc scooter, and a little later - the small car.

In 1978, the unit was based R&D, which consisted of about 200 experts. The purpose of this division - the creation of new technologies and designs, the designation of the development of Taiwan's industry. Developments are carried out in the areas of design, design of the engine, frame and electrical systems, as well as the risk weight optimization motorcycle design in accordance with the wishes of consumers. We know that each year more than 3% of turnover (about 20 million U.S. dollars) invested in the development of new technologies.

In 1989 the factory was opened Hsinchu car factory for the production of cars. By 1994, the plant produced 5,000,000 Scooter Sym, but the company never chased amount, paying much more attention to product quality. Along with the development of new technologies, the company cares about the environment. In 1995, the plant received ISO 9001 certification for motorcycles and ISO 9002 for cars. In 1998, Sanyang introduced standard ISO_14001, quality management system, documented and systematized system. Sanyang uses the system to reduce production losses, saving energy and resources, and recycling used materials.

In 2002, the Group's Sanyang Industry Co. joined the company Xiashing Motorcycle Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of high-quality components for the assembly of motorcycles and Qingzhou Engineering Industry Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of high-quality motodvigateley.

SYM motorcycleSYM motorbikeSYM motorcycle

Classic SYM motorcycles offered via internet auctions:

NEW 2014 SYM MAXSYM 600i ABS SCOOTER for sale
£5999 / $7735 / €5297
Sym Maxsym 400i Scooter Scooter 400cc for sale
£3309 / $4267 / €2922
Sym Maxsym 400i Scooter Scooter 400cc
Sym maxsym 400i abs 2015 brand new for sale
£3995 / $5151 / €3527
Sym maxsym 400i abs 2015 brand new
2011 SYM MAXSYM400i for sale
£2843 / $3666 / €2510
2011 SYM MAXSYM400i

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1.Sym GTS Joymax 278cc 300 i ABS Scooter 300i motorcyclesSym  GTS Joymax 278cc 300 i ABS Scooter 300i£3850
2.SYM CROX 125 NEW 2015 MODEL motorcyclesSYM CROX 125 NEW 2015 MODEL£1699
3.SYM ALLO 50 MOPED motorcyclesSYM ALLO 50 MOPED£1499
4.SYM WOLF 125 C motorcyclesSYM WOLF 125 C£1999
5.SYM ALLO 125 motorcyclesSYM ALLO 125£1699
6.SYM JET 4 125 2015 MODELS IN STOCK motorcyclesSYM JET 4 125 2015 MODELS IN STOCK£1595
7.SYM TONIK 50 MOPED motorcyclesSYM TONIK 50 MOPED£1449
8.SYM FIDDLE III 125 motorcyclesSYM FIDDLE III 125£1699
9.SYM SYMPLY 125 motorcyclesSYM SYMPLY 125£1449
10.SYM JET 50R motorcyclesSYM JET 50R£1449
11.SYM SYMBA 100 motorcyclesSYM SYMBA 100£1699
12.SYM JOYRIDE 125 motorcyclesSYM JOYRIDE 125£2499
13.SYM HD 200 motorcyclesSYM HD 200£2699
14.SYM GTS 125 motorcyclesSYM GTS 125£3299
15.SYM XS 125 motorcyclesSYM XS 125£1499
16.SYM SYMPHONY 125 motorcyclesSYM SYMPHONY 125£1699
17.SYM HD 125 motorcyclesSYM HD 125£2499
18.SYM MIO 100 motorcyclesSYM MIO 100£1799
19.SYM JOYRIDE 200 motorcyclesSYM JOYRIDE 200£2899
20.SYM MIO 50 motorcyclesSYM MIO 50£1699

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