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1997 Yamaha TZ250

Price: $11 999 ≈ €11022 ≈ £9449

Item location: Viroqua, Wisconsin, US United States
Last update: date

Type:Sport Bike
Engine (cc):250
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Selling my TZ250 which has been raced in Japan, Europe and the USA. Last race was Hockenheim 2017. It was ridden on track days and raced at Blackhawk Farms in Wisconisin (CCS). The bike is complete and also comes with a few boxes of spares, plus two pit stands.
the bike is a 1997 model, but when it was raced in Japan it got the 1999 model carbs, ram-air airboxes and electric fuel pump (due to addition of pressurized airboxes). carbs are part number 4TW4010L-H912 and 4TW4-10R-H912.
when i raced it in Europe i also added a pair of rare and sought after factory kit cylinders (the bike is a 250cc V-twin two-stroke). the cylinders and nicasil coating are still in great shape. the engine and crank were rebuilt by Guido Fiedler in Germany, a few miles from the nürburgring. the crank still has about 2000km left on it, but the pistons currently in the bike are not fit for racing or track days. i don't include spare pistons with the bike but they are easily bought from the bike takes piston number 4DP-11631-01-B0 for leaded fuel, or 4DP-11631-02-D0 for unleaded fuel.
also included in the sale is a full carburetor jet kit, containing everything you need to make this engine sing no matter where you are in the world or what the weather is.
list of spares (new, unless stated otherwise):(3) 2KM-13614-00 reeds small(3) 3XV-13613-01 reeds big(3) 4DP-11351-31 base gasket 0.5(3) 4JT-11351-22 base gasket 0.6(5) 4JT-11351-12 base gasket 0.7(5) 4HT-11351-02 base gasket 0.8(2) 4DP-11351-00 base gasket 1.0(1) 3XV-13621-01 reed cage gasket(1) 3XV-13622-00 reed cage gasket(2) 3YL-16321-01 clutch plate outer(2) 3AK-16331-00 clutch plate inner (used)(1) 93101-56095 oil seal behind clutch baskt(1) 93102-30243 oil seal ahead clutch baskt(2) 90215-20212 clutch lock washer(2) 90215-14204 counter shaft lock washer(1) 3YL-15461-01 crankcase cover gasket(3) 93604-08071 head to cylinder locate pin(9) 99510-10114 cylinder to case locate pin(2) 90480-25482 lower airbox grommet(2) 90480-14153 upper airbox grommet(3) 90179-08491 cylinder nut(1) 93210-63442 O-ring cyl head(2) 93210-88696 O-ring cyl head(1) 47X-26241-00 grip LH(2) 90123-06007 throttle cable adjuster(1) 1JK-81960-A1 rectifier/regulator(1) 4TW-14620-40 exhaust pipe (used)(1) 4NK-13907-00 fuel pump (used)
in the pictures you can see the full jet kit and all the jets labeled.
also in the pictures you can see a lot of used spares i have which are perfectly useable. there are more boxes with spares that are not directly useable like pistons, piston pins etc. there are also boxes of misc fasteners etc from the bike which are perfectly useable.
there are two pictures of one of the cylinders. a friend of mine sent these pictures to rich oliver a few years back and he confirmed they were kit cylinders.
the last picture are two special tools which you'll edd to work on the bike. one tool for setting the piston deck height, and another which helps installation of the piston pin retaining clips.
before every racing season i would do a full teardown and replace lots of parts even if they were still good, and i've kept most of those. they go with the bike.
also a front and rear pit stand go with the bike!
the bodywork is the original carbon fiber since when it was raced in japan, so obviously there is some wear and tear on the bodywork. the bike is in as-raced condition from last time out at hockenheim.
the bike is available to pick up in Viroqua, WI. if you would like to have the bike shipped somewhere i can accommodate, we would need to discuss shipping details and cost.
note: this bike was built by Yamaha as a race bike, it doesn't have a title like a street bike. it's not rideable on the street, so no use asking if it's possible to register and ride on the street. there's no provision for lights or anything like that. no electric start, these bikes are push-start, or you need an external starter. whatever, if you're looking at this bike you probably know what it is. if you do, then you know this is one sweet machine.


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