2012 Husaberg TE250 2 Stroke Enduro Bike May PX Road Bike Track Bike Trials

Price: £4 200 ≈ $5204 ≈ €4787

Item location: UK United Kingdom

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Model:TE 250
Mileage:1 523
Engine (cc):250
Upgrades:Clutch, Special Exhaust/Slip on, Suspension
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Hi and welcome to my classified listing

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2012 Husaberg TE 250 2 Stroke Enduro Motorcycle

“Tailor-made for the hard competition of the most competitive class in enduro sport. the E2. The nippy and extremely powerful two-stroke engine reveals its strengths above all when the heavy four-strokes really start to sweat. The only things that count then are weight. staying power. smooth power delivery and playful handling. ”

http://dirtaction. com. au/bike-test-2012-husaberg-te250/

The bike was purchased by me from new in July 2011 at a cost of £6. 45. 00. from Gear 4 Motorcycles in Peterborough (Husaberg main dealer).

During its short life. the bike has been used to take part in a handful of hare and hound scrambles at sportsman level (I'm no David Knight!). various practise days. and the odd time card Enduro in the welsh forest. Upon completion of every event. the bike has been meticulously stripped. cleaned. blown with the airgun. lubricated and stored in a heated garage. To add to that. both gearbox oil and air filter have been changed after ever ride. without fail!


I have always been extremely particular about the condition of any of my bikes. and the Berg spares no exception… mechanically it is mint!


Cosmetically. the bike has been used off road therefore please expect minor knocks. scratches and general paint wear for a bike of this age and use. The bike does still look fantastic however. as you can clearly see in the photographs.


The reason for my sale is due to the arrival of tiny feet later on this year. therefore I have decided to hang up my boots for a short period and concentrate on being a new dad J it's as simple as that.


The bike has just completed a genuine 93 hours from new. and has very recently (7hrs ago) undergone a full top end rebuild (piston. bearing. rings. gaskets) and cleaning/ setup of the power valve. During this service. the bike was completely stripped and rebuilt with new grease. and to the correct torque settings throughout.


Here's a bonus to you!

I have recently within the last two months purchased and fitted the following. however due to work. decorating nurseries and demo pushing prams. have not had the opportunity to try them (they are all completely new and unused!)


·  FMF Gnarly front pipe £202. 00

·  Pro Carbon front pipe guard £88. 00


·  Rekluse EXP 2. 0 Auto Clutch & Adjustable Slave Cylinder Assembly £415. 00

Rekluse has revolutionized motorcycle riding and racing through clutch technology. A Rekluse auto-clutch can make any level of rider better. A rider that is Rekluse equipped will ride faster with less fatigue and greater confidence. Proven at the highest level of professional Super cross. Motocross. and Off-Road racing. Rekluse has racked up numerous magazine awards and racing championships. both nationally and worldwide.

The performance advantages of the auto-clutch: Faster corners. lower lap times. and better starts. Plus it virtually eliminates stalling. Rekluse auto-clutches (Core EXP. EXP and z-Start Pro) make it easier to ride and easier to go fast. Ride one today and experience what the Clutch Evolution is all about.


http://www. rekluse. com/trail. shtml


·  Renthal 994 Bend Twin wall Handlebars £92. 00

·  Renthal Kevlar Grips £14. 00

·  Full suspension service. re-valve and setup by Chris Byron

at On Track Racing (set for 12-13stone rider) £300. 00

2013 Style front fender £23. 00


Total Cost £1. 34. 00


The bike is now fully sorted for racing or trail riding should you wish. and performance wise. could not be any better.


Also included in the sale:

·  Spare front fender

·  Spare rear fender

·  New side shrouds

·  Radiator braces

·  Rear Enduro light/ brake light/ indicator/ number plate unit

·  Front indicators

·  Front headlight bulb and housing

·  Complete wiring loom for road use

·  New road sprocket

·  New road chain & link

·  Horn

·  Various main/ pilot jets & needles for differing air temperatures

·  Husaberg/ Ktm toolkit

·  Husaberg bar pad

·  20 litre VP Racing Fuel Can

·  Original Husaberg Handle bars

·  Renthal Fat Bar pad

·  5no Air Filters – cleaned and ready to go

·  Handle grip donuts

·  Exhaust wash bung

·  Spare air filter cage

·  Air filter wash cover

·  Selection of high quality lubricants (varying quantities remaining)

Pair of genuine KTM/ Husaberg new fork sealsNew Iridium spare spark plug


Basically you will get everything to go racing!


A couple of bad points (hardly anything to write home about):


·  I have removed the map switch as quite honestly I didn't think it made any difference whatsoever to the characteristics of the bike. With the FMF Gnarly pipe. Rekluse clutch and re-valved suspension. the bike should be pretty much as good as it can be…. mellow in the low range. controllable and smooth over bumps…. everything an enduro bike should be!

·  There is no battery to the electric starter – I removed it to save on weight as it kicks first time every time.


Since removing the above. typically I have misplaced the map switch and the battery is dead.


A few points to consider (from experience) when buying a used Enduro bike:


Don't always assume that the ‘lightly used bike for green laning by 50 + trf member' has had an easy life. Most of the time. these bikes are flat out down A roads for long periods of time. and spend hours doing what a ‘race' engine should not be doing…. being continuously thrashed on roads. These bikes also endure long service intervals as a day on the trails is worth a handful of events. therefore oils are rarely changed. and the bikes are normally treated like road bikes.


Don't get cold feet when you view an advert which says that the bike has ‘been raced or used for events'. 99% of competitors I know do not ride like David Knight or the like. and spend many long evenings before and after an event. cleaning. changing oils. lubricating and ensuring their bikes are in A1 condition. These are the bikes to purchase!


Don't be put off by adverts stating that the bike has done long hours etc. These are adverts written by ‘honest' sellers. informing you of the bikes ‘genuine' lifespan. It literally is a 30 second job to disconnect the hour meter and state that the bike has done 15hrs. when in truth it has probably done 200hrs!


I'm sorry to sound negative and slightly biased towards the bike I am selling. however I have owned a handful of Enduro bikes now and sadly have come across all of the sales trickery that people tend to use.


As you can see. I have done my very best to describe the bike with as much description as possible. During the 2 years that I have owned the Berg. it has been looked after regardless of cost to an extremely high standard. It is ready to race at the highest level and wants for nothing.

Unfortunately the bike is not road registered as it was not my intention to go greenlining. however it is a very simple procedure to register the bike with the documents and is not expensive (I think around £100 including the tax?).

There will be no test rides of the bike as all mechanical inspections of an off road bike can be done on the stand. and the sale is strictly cash on collection only.

I am a very genuine e bay user with 100% feedback on everything I have purchased and sold. therefore I do hope that this will give you confidence when viewing my advert with the potential to come and view the bike. I do ask that you do not waste my time. as I certainly would not waste yours and can assure you that this is a genuinely well looked after machine.

Thanks for your time J



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