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Harley Davidson WLC 1943 RAF Police 100% Original Classic WW2 military not WLA

Price: £21 600 ≈ $27468 ≈ €25568

Item location: London, UK United Kingdom

Brand:Harley Davidson
Mileage:9 900
Engine (cc):750
Transmission:Three-speed manual
Starter:Kick start
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Harley Davidson WLC 1943 in Post WW2 RAF Police colours from the late Frank Authers Collection.
This Harley Davidson WLC is a fantastic example with all old original parts. The motorbike starts, runs and rides beautifully, in fact I just took it on a 100 mile ride with no problems, no strange noises, lights all working.
Frank Authers BEM (Ex. Royal Air Force Police Flight Sergeant) acquired this motorcycle in the late 80s and put it through a thorough restoration with Ian Cottrell of Weymouth Harley Davidson into RAF Police colours. With the extensive research they both did (all in a folder) they finished this Harley with to the current state. In Frank's latter years, he could not ride the Harley anymore and so the bike got a thorough recommissioning. Frank's full RAF Police uniform now resides at the Newark Air Museum with a full write up of his life during and after the war.
This Harley WLC comes with an original fairing in RAF Police colours, tyre pump and also a blackout light.
Paperwork includes a large folder of research, WW2 photos, all types of correspondence with Frank including writing to Imperial War Museum, Ian Cottrell, etc. MOT's verifying milage, Frank Authers old original V5, display cards when Frank exhibited the Harley. Old adverts, other WW2 research, previous owner details and other relating material.
The bike tends to start on the first or second kick (following the correct starting procedure) with one click of choke. Oil light and charge light both turn off on starting. All moving parts are greased, smooth and sturdy. The 3 gears engage firmly and smoothly when riding. All electrics work and rear blackout switch operates well. Saddle and front suspension are nice, smooth and comfortable. Rear brake operates very well. Speedo wavers slightly at high speeds but still records the right speeds. There are slight chips in the paint work and a nice patina all round. I have always put lead additive in the petrol and the bike is serviced every year.
I was approached by a film production to buy the Harley. I found out that they were going to blow it up in one of their scenes so I told they that they can't buy it. This bike is to be respected and hopefully it will go on for another 80 so years!
I'm happy to send a video of a cold start plus the bike running and riding. You are welcome to come and view, or you can arrange a video call with me. Happy to also send more detailed pics of parts of the bike if you tell me what you want.
I'm selling this purely to have more storage in my garage, and it needs to go.
Sold as seen. No returns. No time wasters!


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