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BSA A10 Super Rocket 650cc 1962

Price: £3 850 ≈ $4881 ≈ €4486

Item location: Macclesfield, UK United Kingdom
Seller notes: Excellent runner, cosmetically ordinary!

Item marked
Type:Super Rocker
Engine (cc):650
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This is my ‘wet weather' bike. I built it about seven years ago so that I could attend our club's Sunday runs regardless of the weather. It is in regular use and runs well. I now need the space in the garage for another project so this 1962 BSA Super Rocket has been chosen as the candidate to go.

The history of the bike is as follows:- The bike was sold new in 1962 as a BSA Super Rocket. I have the original log book (old brown concertina type). Checking the details shows that the original registration number has been removed and replaced with an age-related plate which has three numbers and three letters. The bike has only had five owners from new. The V5 shows all the details correctly, i.e. the registration number, frame and engine number and colour. The frame number is GA7 21*** which is correct for 1962. The engine number is DA10R (HHC) 5110 which is late 1961. The engine and frame numbers on the bike are clear and don't look like they have been tampered with at any time.

I bought the bike after the previous owner, who had owned the bike since the 1970's, had started to rebuild it but had lost interest. I have been an A10 enthusiast for about thirty years and have acquired a lot of spare parts so finishing the bike was quite easy. Furthermore I had intended to build the bike as a ‘daily rider' so I wasn't concerned about cosmetics. However I paid proper attention to the mechanics as my aim was to build a reliable bike which would cope with any weather. All the fasteners are decent quality, mostly stainless, and correct cycle thread.

The engine has been completely rebuilt with a new timing side bush. I used the correct big-bearing crank and thick flange barrels. I can't remember what oversize the barrels are on but, suffice to say, the bike doesn't burn oil. The camshaft, if I remember correctly, is the correct Super Rocket type (67-357) but the pistons are ‘flat-top' 7.25:1. I fitted a Mikuni carburettor, supplied by Allen's Performance who supply Mikuni carb kits ready jetted for lots of classic bikes. I also fitted a professionally reconditioned magneto. The gearbox needed no attention and is stamped 'STD2'.

The electrics have been converted to 12 volts properly, i.e. dynamo fitted with 12v armature and field coil, and 12 volt regulator fitted.

I made a few other slight modifications to offset some inherent A10 issues. These include extending the centre stand foot lever and I made a lifting handle (not normally fitted to later A10's) so the bike is particularly easy to put on the stand. I also fitted bushes to the centre stand as these are notorious for wearing big holes in the frame! The Mikuni carb and 12v electrics are obviously non-standard and there is a belt drive kit on the dynamo. I suspect that in the bike's original trim it would have had a nacelle so did not have a rev counter. The nacelle was not passed on to me by the previous owner so I fitted a standard Lucas 7” chrome headlight. I had to change the speedometer a couple of years ago. The one I fitted is a genuine Smiths chronometric ref 3305/04 which I think is the correct one for the bike. The tyres are decent, the wheel rims are chrome, the front was rebuilt by SRM so still looks very good, the rear is just starting to blister slightly but still looks good when cleaned up, see photos. The rear shock absorbers were brand new when I built the bike

This is a very reliable bike which starts easily and runs well. I tend to cruise it at a steady 55 mph but obviously it will go much quicker and sounds fine with no significant rattles or other noises. There is a slight leak around the rocker box area (one of those jobs I didn't get round to) but otherwise it is oiltight. I have used it in all weathers so it is not a show winner!

I had a really bad experience last year when selling a bike on behalf of a friend so, to protect myself from ‘dodgy' individuals, please note the following.......

This is an old bike so there is no warranty. Inspection before the sale is most welcome and encouraged. Just send me a message and we can arrange something – I am retired so flexible with time. I am not willing to offer test rides. I am happy to ride the bike, back and to, along the main road in front of our house or you can follow me in your car or on your bike. If you're not too heavy I'm happy to take you for a pillion ride at my discretion. If you bid and win it is your bike! Please don't phone me the following morning to say you've sobered up and changed your mind (carr434)! You will be required to put a non-refundable deposit of £100 in my Paypal account within 24 hours which is your commitment to buy. Balance by any sensible method, so not Paypal! If you find any of the forgoing unacceptable please get in touch or don't bid. Thank you.

The starting price is the reserve which is ridiculously low. Please don't ask for a Buy it Now price.

Please be assured that the description is 100% honest.

UK bidders only.

Delivery is possible by arrangement, after full payment is made.

Please feel free to ask questions. Good luck with your bidding.


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