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1969 Honda CB, color Blue

Price: $20 291 ≈ €18653 ≈ £15718

Item location: Duluth, Georgia, US United States

Mileage:16 000
Engine (cc):750
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Here are the details for my Sandcast CB750 Honda. I have been riding, racing (off-road), and restoring motorcycles since the late 1970's. I have restored several CB750's (7 of them) and a few Kawasaki Z1's. All were frame-up builds and included motor top-ends. I worked in motorcycle shops back in the 1970's. I am a Professional Mechanical Engineer and a partner in a mechanical engineering consulting business. Full disclosure here; see the detailed description and history below: A few details:
•Frame serial number CB750 – 1003716
•Engine serial number CB750E - 1004962
•Original speedometer on the bike (unrestored). Relatively low miles accumulated on the bike before my restoration. I did not restore the speedometer in order to show the original mileage etc. Yes, I believe the speedometer is original and reflects true total mileage (16,000).
•I believe the tachometer has been replaced, but still an early one (K0).
•The bike has the original recessed ignition switch with original key (with plastic piece on it). I have some spare keys (without plastic do-dad) as well.
•Early horn position.
•Double-cut front fender.
•Correct 4-cable carburetors.
•Correct early style - sandcast forks.
•Correct “smooth” oil filter housing.
•Correct early style rear sprocket.
•Correct - short plastic chain guard. History: I bought the bike from a local friend of mine who specializes in CB750's (Steve Preston – Classic Honda Bikes – Suwanee, GA). He called me the same day he bought it and offered it to me. Steve and I have exchanged a few CB750's and even a couple of Z1's over the years. He bought it from the widow of the original owner right here in Atlanta. The widow even had the original 1969 Georgia title! I have a copy of that title. I made a copy when I transferred the title into my name, so you have some documentation of the history of the bike. I have a new, current GA title to the bike. The original owner had “hot-rodded” the motorcycle at some point. His efforts included a big bore kit, high performance cam shaft (Web Cam), a slightly later model head, a header (of course), and for some reason he had replaced the wheels (the rims are not the early style “rounded” profile rims). A photo of the motorcycle the day I bought it is included in the ad. The motor was very lightly stuck when Steve purchased it. He put some penetrating oil in each cylinder, and it freed up with minor pressure. I bored the cylinders and put a new piston kit in it to be sure the piston ring sealing was good.I finished my restoration in 2015. I have put less than 150 miles on it since I completed the restoration. I store it in a climate controlled (dry and cool) room. I get it out every couple of weeks and run it around the neighborhood. It has only had non-ethanol gasoline in it since my restoration.
My work/restoration Motor work:
•New pistons/rings and associated bore job. I found a vendor that had a high-quality set of pistons that were slightly larger diameter than the ones in the bike. Professional bore job to accommodate the new pistons. The displacement is slightly less than 840cc.
•The valve guides and valves were fine. I just cleaned them up.
•New motor seals and gaskets (cylinder base gasket, head gasket, top end O-rings and rubber seals, etc.)
•New cam chain. New cam chain rollers.
•New carburetor intake rubber manifolds (between head and carburetors)
•New carburetor rubber boots -between carburetors and air box.
•New air filterCarburetors are the original, 4-cable ones (new cable). The cases are NOT damaged in the front sprocket area – a very common issue with the early CB750's. I have an early “correct” cylinder (needs new liners – missing one) and early “correct” head. Both can be included with the bike for additional cost. Almost all the restoration parts I used are from Yamiya in Japan. Classic Motorcycle Supply – Netherlands Yamiya produces very high-quality reproduction parts. CMSNL has both OEM Honda and high-quality reproduction parts.
•Powder coated frame, engine brackets and battery box.
•Yamiya bodywork set.
•Yamiya reproduction seat.
•Yamiya “no stamp” “300” exhaust system, including heat shields.
•Re-chromed Honda rims- show chrome quality.
•Re-chromed Honda taillight holder.
•Re-chromed rear brake pedal.
•Re-chromed rear brake lever (at backing plate).
•New handlebar (correct “KO” CB750 bend).
•Buchannan stainless steel spoke sets.
•New tires, tubes.
•New wiring harness (Yamiya).
•Dyna electronic ignition, including Dyna wires and coils.
•All cables (including carburetors) are new (Yamiya).
•New front brake hoses (Yamiya).
•Front master cylinder rebuilt.
•Brake caliper rebuilt.
•New front brake line (hard pipe).
•New shocks (reproduction from CMSNL).
•New fork tubes.•New fork seals.
•New o-ring drive chain.
•New fork tube caps.
•New early style “double-cut” front fender (Yamiya).
•New rear fender (Yamiya).
•New turn signals (CMSNL).
•New handlebar switches (CMNSL).
•New handlebar, & grips (CMNSL).
•New mirrors (correct “early” style – CMSNL reproductions)
•New chain.
•Majority of the bolts are re-zinc-plated “8” bolts (the originals re-zinced). A few of the small ones are new “8” bolts.
•All small rubber parts (grommets, fork boots, etc) replaced.
•New wheel bearings and seals, both wheels.
•New sealed “gel” battery.
•New tank and side cover emblems.
I can provide more photos if you are seriously interested. The bike runs very well. You can tell the motor is hot-rodded (big-bore and “hot” camshaft in it). Downsides?
•The motor number is about 1,200 numbers higher than the frame, so I suspect the motor (yes, it IS a “sandcast” motor) is NOT original to the frame. I do not know why. The original owner died many years before I acquired it.
•The paint on the air box is flaking off in a few places. Obviously, the box was not adequately prepped before painting. These places are hidden by the side covers.
•The bike had been given the hot-rod treatment, probably back in the mid 1970's. Hey, that is what just about everyone did back then. It would run even better with a header and different carburetors (29mm smoothbores maybe?), but that would detract from the “stock” look.
•Those early carburetors are not the easiest to tune and are not designed for an 840cc motor with a racing cam in it. The bike runs very well but tuning it to idle like a stock motor is just about impossible. Do not miss understand, the bike runs very well.Value?If you have read this far you probably know about these “sandcast” CB750's. Value is subjective with originality and condition being the most important factors. High-end bike values represented by CB750's built by Vic World $35,000 for one of his bikes. I have seen a few “barn find”, aka “back of the garage for 30 years” bikes that were VERY rough – ‘70's style “choppers” with stuck motors, no exhaust, no seat, rusty frames, etc. sell for more than $8,000 on Ebay. I have restored several CB750 “K0's” with original build dates of December 1969 and January 1970 (some were Barber Vintage show – class winner) and sold them to buyers in the UK. One of my bikes went to Australia. David Silver of David Silver Spares (UK Vintage Honda specialist) bought one a several years ago. Those bikes sold in the $12K range 5 years ago. My out-of-pocket expenses on this bike (parts and machine work) was over $8,000 (2015 dollars). I performed all the labor myself (except for the machine work). Is my bike worth $30K? Probably not. Is it worth at least $15K? Absolutely. Is it worth $20K? Maybe. So, I am posting it and lets' see what the Market say it is worth. One thing for sure, the value is increasing! As long as those guys that were 12-20 years old in the late 1960's and early 1970's are around, these bikes will continue to increase in value.If you are seriously interested, feel free to give me a call.


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