1947 Norton ES2

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Item location: San Jose, California, US United States
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Engine (cc):500
VIN:B4 6236
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Offered here is a 1947 NORTON ES2 500cc Project Bike, 75% Complete, MOST parts in GOOD to VERY GOOD condition, Many NEW or RESTORED PARTS including BEAUTIFUL RE-CHROMED & Professionally Painted GAS TANK & WHEEL RIMS, Some HARD-TO-FIND Reproduction Parts, ready for YOU to have hours of fun CHASING PARTS, FETTLING, RESTORING and ASSEMBLING this very cool CLASSIC THUMPER!

Original PLUNGER FRAME, straight & intact, two sets of ENGINE CRANKCASES, both in EXCELLENT condition, both with matching case-half numbers, Cast-Iron CYLINDER BARREL has Fresh .020" BORE & NEW PISTON, iron CYLINDER HEAD also re-done, NEW VALVES, GUIDES & SPRINGS, complete UPRIGHT NORTON GEARBOX and original LUCAS MagDyno make for some VERY GOOD bones for this early post-war vintage British single.
Frame number B4 6236 stamping is clean, clear & unmolested, same for the engine number stampings on both sets of crankcases - B4 8598 on the '47 cases with F915 matching numbers stamped on both halves, C3 15791CT on the '48 engine cases (the "3" indicates these cases are from a Model 18), with C864 matching case-half stampings.
Crankshaft & rod are missing - somehow lost over the course of 3 different cross-country moves over the past 30 some-odd years - but there are two different ES2 crank assemblies on iQQmoto right now, so it shouldn't be hard to find a replacement. The crankshaft is definitely the most important missing part, but here is a quick summary of other major parts that i know I don't have (not including cables, fasteners and small parts): seat, exhaust pipe & silencer, taillight, headlight lens, clutch, fender stays and gast tank filler cap are all that come to mind. But enough negativity! Let's focus on the positive and review the LONG list of parts that ARE included:
First and foremost - check the WOW factor on that GAS TANK! Back in the early 90s I had it re-chromed and professionally painted in England, by Colin Wall who at the time worked for Roy Richards, restoring motorcycles for the National Motorcycle Museum, and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I had the rims rechromed and centers painted (silver with red pinstriping to match the tank) at the same time, rims were too rusty to save the stampings but they are the original Dunlop rims, 21" in the front and 19" in the back. As mentioned above, the cylinder and head have also been restored, along with the rear hub, and a handful of parts also got re-chromed in England - brake pedal, kickstart pedal, gearshift pedal, front brake plate (NOT shown in photos but it IS included!), carb manifold, finned exhaust nut, rocker inspection cover, footpeg arms, brake arm and all 3 lever assemblies for choke, advance/retard & compression release.
Look closely at the photos below, and you will also see the following cycle parts & bits: UK-made reproduction front fender & 2-piece rear fender, reproduction rear chainguard & center stand; top fork yoke & Vincent-style flat handlebars with original blade-type clutch lever (brake lever also included); bottom clamp & steering stem with damper rod & knob; original fork legs with alloy sliders and a pair of NEW fork tubes; top fork nuts, new bushings, seals etc; fork top cover with genuine SMITHS S.467/3/L chronometric speedometer and original cast-aluminum fork covers/headlight ears; front hub with brake shoes, axle & re-chromed brake plate (not shown in photos; genuine Lucas unobtainium 8" headlight shell with switch & chrome rim; samples of original spokes; rear hub with new bearings and fresh black paint, brake drum & sprocket, brake plate & shoes; both original rear plunger assemblies, with 2 used plunger shafts and 2 sets of plunger covers; SMITHS speedometer drive; reproduction rear chainguard made by Robert Drury in the UK at least 30 years ago; cast reproduction center stand; UK reproduction toolbox & knob; original rear number plate; battery holder; footpeg mounting brackets, new footpeg assemblies and new footpeg rubbers, along with original footpeg parts; and original oil tank with re-chromed flip-up filler cap.
Highlights of engine & transmission parts that are included here: 2 sets engine cases as mentioned above, with restored cylinder head & barrel, along with cylinder studs & head bolts; rocker box with rockers in place; NOS Alpha big end bearing, still in cosmoline; original cams, tappets & guides, timing sprockets with chain, 2 sets of pushrods (original pair and NEW pair), 2 sets pushrod tubes (one original pair, one new pair of polished stainless tubes) and beautifully polished timing covers; original valve train components with NEW valves, NEW springs & NEW guides; 2 NEW +.020" GPM pistons with rings & pin; oil pump & drive gears; NEW gasket set; engine oil lines; original AMAL 276/AL1/18E carburetor with extra carb body; inner & outer primary cases with sealing rubber & engine sprocket; and complete upright 4-speed gearbox.
And finally let's wrap up with a list of electrical and other miscellaneous parts that are also included here: Original Lucas magdyno with mounting platform; NEW wiring harness, NEW voltage regulator, with original Lucas VR; genuine Lucas 8" headlight shell with switch & chrome rim as described above; genuine Lucas Altette horn; original Lucas rear brake light switch; NOS Chloride 6V battery (never been filled); assorted fasteners with new cad plating; extensive assortment of miscellaneous fasteners and hardware.
That should pretty much cover it, but if you look VERY closely at ALL photos you'll probably find quite a few parts I forgot to mention!
Overall a VERY GOOD START for RESTORATION of a 1947 NORTON ES2 - Be the ONLY KID on your block with A BIKE as COOL AS THIS!
Sold with valid CALIFORNIA BILL OF SALE only! Payment by Paypal (BUYER PAYS FEES), cash on pick-up, bank transfer or email me for other approved payment options. LOCAL PICK-UP IN SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA PREFERRED! However I will work with winning bidder to arrange shipping by trucking company or private party of your choice... LOW COST international shipping can also be arranged - email me for more info!


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